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    Hardy Krueger Jr. lost twelve kilos in six weeks


    In order to embody different roles, actor Hardy Krüger jr. constantly adjusting his weight – sometimes in absolute record time.

    Hardy Krüger Jr., the son of the film legend Hardy Krüger, was best known in Germany for his appearance in TV series such as “Against the Wind” and “Forsthaus Falkenau”. However, the 55-year-old is repeatedly booked for international productions in which, for once, he does not have to portray the nice darling of all mothers-in-law. For example, in 2022 for the British-German television series “Simon Becketts: The Chemistry of Death”, in which he played a dark criminal.

    In an interview with “Bild”, the actor reported on the physical strain that switching from one role to the next can bring. There he revealed that for “The Chemistry of Death” he had to gain a whopping twelve kilos within a short period of time, which he actually managed to do by consuming excessive amounts of pasta.

    The real problem, however, was the fact that he had to lose those pounds in no time after filming was over. “Six weeks later I shot 'Rote Rosen' and I should be slim again,” said Krüger Jr. “That was quite a challenge.”

    In the interview, the actor also revealed how he managed this crazy weight yo-yo. In addition to early morning yoga sessions and evening visits to the gym, he also radically changes his diet. Instead of his previous pasta gluttony, he often had “only vegetables and rice” during this time.

    Even though he managed this diet feat in time for the start of filming on the telenovela, it was by no means easy for him. “You can tell that it’s now also a question of age,” says Krüger Jr. “At the age of 55, losing weight no longer works as quickly as it used to.”

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