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    Growing cannabis yourself: This is what you should keep in mind


    The cultivation of three cannabis plants per person should also be possible in Germany from April. However, there is an important requirement to note.

    Cannabis is expected to be removed from the list of prohibited substances in the Narcotics Act on April 1st. Home cultivation and possession of certain quantities should then be permitted for adults from April 1st. Clubs for non-commercial cultivation should become possible on July 1st. Numerous rules and specifications are provided for practical implementation.

    Cannabis legalization in Germany: What exactly is planned?

    In Germany, possession and trafficking of the drug, which is obtained from the cannabis plant, was previously punishable. That should change now:

    • In the future, adults will be allowed to possess 25 grams in public spaces.
    • A maximum of three plants should be allowed to be grown privately. A maximum of 50 grams of cannabis may also be stored in your own home.
    • In cannabis clubs, club members should be allowed to grow the drug together and give it to each other – a maximum of 50 grams per member per month. For 18 to 21 year olds, it can be up to 30 grams per month with a maximum content of ten percent of the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    The aim is to make consumption and access safer for informed adults by preventing the distribution of contaminated substances and curbing the black market. This can be achieved by creating legal alternatives. Education, prevention, and child and youth protection are “the common thread in the law,” said Green Party health expert Janosch Dahmen of the German Press Agency (dpa).

    Growing cannabis at home: note the maximum quantity

    However, the rule about home cultivation and the maximum amount of cannabis you can store at home can lead to misunderstandings. Because you can expect a yield of up to 100 grams per cannabis plant, explains Buddix Zierden from the Cannabis Social Club Düsseldorf to WDR. If you grow three plants at once, you might be sitting on 300 grams of cannabis, i.e. the dried flowers of the plant. However, only 50 grams are permitted in private households.

    Anything beyond these 50 grams must be destroyed immediately. Harvesting may only be done for personal consumption and not for passing on to others. Seeds, plants and harvested hashish and marijuana must also be protected against theft and access by children – for example with lockable cupboards and rooms.

    What is cannabis and how does it work?

    Background: Hemp is the basic plant from which cannabis can later be produced, also called marijuana. A distinction is made between male and female hemp. Both plants contain so-called cannabioids: CBD and THC. But only THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has a psychoactive, intoxicating effect.

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