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    Google lets its AI Gemini access its own apps


    User can allow connection
    Google lets its AI Gemini access its own apps

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    Google is now updating its AI in Germany. This means that Gemini will be able to access other apps from the tech company in the future and, for example, make it easier to coordinate appointments between multiple users. The user must explicitly allow the connection – and can also end it again.

    The Google AI system Gemini can now also be connected to various Google apps by users in Germany. The Internet company announced this in a blog entry. The new function allows Gemini to access the services Google Maps, Google Flights, Google Hotels and YouTube, as well as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs.

    In the blog post, Google writes that the system delivers relevant information from the relevant services directly into the chat with Gemini if ​​you agree to link the respective app. The connection of the apps and services with the Gemini AI can be reversed at any time.

    When planning a trip with friends, working with the Gemini extensions could work like this, for example: If you have already exchanged a few ideas and dates via email beforehand, you can first ask Gemini to look in the Gmail conversations with your friends to see which dates work for everyone. Based on this, you can then display flight and hotel information and search for YouTube videos with tips for things to do. Gemini can also summarize the highlights of these in an email directly to your friends.

    With the Gemini extensions, the US company is primarily competing against Microsoft's AI function “Co-Pilot”, which also enables links to Office documents and other personal data sets. Google first introduced its AI extensions in the USA a good seven months ago.

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