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    “Goodbye Germany” actor Emre is dead


    Vox announces the death of a “Goodbye Germany” face on social networks. Emre passed away at the beginning of the month. That is known.

    Emre appeared on the emigrant show “Goodbye Germany” last year. At the time he was living in Turkey with his partner Sandra. The Vox camera was also there when he proposed marriage to his partner. But now the station announces sad news: Emre died unexpectedly.

    Vox writes in an Instagram story about a black and white photo of Emre and Sandra: “We mourn Emre, who died tragically at the beginning of the month.” The broadcaster does not reveal any details about the exact circumstances of his death.

    Sandra was Emre's “great love”

    The statement continues: “'Goodbye Germany' accompanied his fiancée Sandra and him in Turkey last March. Our thoughts are with Sandra and Emre's family and would like to express our heartfelt condolences.”

    Sandra and Emre appeared on “Goodbye Germany” around a year ago. The format accompanied their love story: The then 35-year-old had met Emre in Side, Turkey, five months earlier. He worked there as a musician and singer in a bar. They had become closer and a holiday love arose. Sandra then made the decision to move in with the then 32-year-old and leave her hometown of Hamburg behind.

    On the show, Emre described Sandra as his “great love.” Their engagement followed later. The only thing that wasn't supposed to happen was the wedding. Sandra has not yet commented on the sudden death of her fiancé.

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