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    Galaxy S24 Ultra is not great in camera comparison


    Hardly better than its predecessor
    Galaxy S24 Ultra is not great in camera comparison

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    Samsung's new smartphone flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, does not achieve a place among the ten best devices in the currently most renowned camera comparison. It hardly performs better than last year's model and even has to admit defeat to devices from 2022.

    Even with mid-range smartphones in the 500 euro range, you can now take very attractive photos and videos that will completely satisfy most users. However, with their top devices, which are often more than twice as expensive, the manufacturers try to go one step further.

    But the technology is slowly being exhausted and differences and progress are becoming increasingly smaller. This also applies to Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra, which did not achieve a top ranking in DxOMark's professional camera comparison.

    Main camera and zoom recordings improved

    With a total of 144 points, the device, which costs at least 1,450 euros, only takes 18th place. Among other things, Samsung's new car was unable to overtake Apple's current iPhone 15 Pro duo or its predecessor from 2022. The normal iPhone 15, which, unlike the S24 Ultra, does not have a telephoto lens, also performed better at 16th place. The situation is similar with Google's competitors: Not only have the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro achieved a higher score, the Pixel 7 Pro is also ranked higher at 12th place.

    Samsung's new top smartphone only received four points more than its predecessor, which currently holds 23rd place. In the individual video and bokeh ratings, the South Koreans failed to make any improvements at all; Samsung was able to make gains in photos from the main camera and zoom shots. The Galaxy S24 Ultra did not show top performance in any category.

    Huawei and Apple at the top

    The Huawei smartphones Mate 60 Pro+ (156) and P60 Pro (157) are currently in first and second place in the DxOMark charts. Third place is shared by Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (154). Google Pixel 8 Pro and Oppo Find X6 Pro follow with one point less.

    In the individual categories, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ achieved the highest score for the main camera recordings and the artificial background blur in portraits (bokeh). The P60 Pro is top when it comes to zoom photos. The best videos currently come from the iPhone 15 Pro, the most accurate preview comes from the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    Light and shadow

    Buyers of the Galaxy S24 Pro don't have to worry, 18th place still means that the camera equipment is good to very good. DxOMark attests, among other things, “a very good photo experience with vivid and pleasant colors under all conditions.” There is also praise for “natural-looking portrait images in bright light”. Overall, the cameras are versatile and offer “high image quality with several zoom ranges,” write the testers.

    They rated the relatively long release delay negatively, which could lead to missing the right moment. Low-light images showed “significant loss of detail and visible noise,” and the Galaxy S24 Ultra also received demerit points for instability in video recordings.

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