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    Elon Musk is serious about renaming Twitter


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    Elon Musk is serious about renaming Twitter

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    At the weekend, Elon Musk announced that they would “soon say goodbye to the Twitter brand.” This time the tech billionaire seems to be really serious. The official Twitter profile has already had its name and logo changed to an “X”.

    Twitter owner Elon Musk is trying to establish X as the new name for the short message service. Now only small steps were initially visible: On Twitter’s official profile, the name and logo were changed to an X, and the letter was also projected onto the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. However, the account name of the profile was still “@twitter” and the familiar Twitter logo with the blue bird could be found everywhere on the website and in the app.

    By renaming, Musk would be ditching a more than 15-year-old brand with worldwide recognition and high recognition value. However, he was determined to see the project through. When YouTuber Marques Brownlee wrote that he would continue to call the service Twitter, Musk replied: “Not for long.” Musk bought Twitter last October for around $44 billion. He brought the online service into a new company called X Corp in the spring. a. The website has been redirecting to Twitter since Sunday.

    Advertising revenue has plummeted since Musk took over

    This also works if you add individual profile names to the website address – and could be the first step to moving from to Musk had previously repeatedly claimed that he wanted to expand Twitter into a platform called X, a super app with all sorts of functions modeled on WeChat in China. However, apart from the granting of licenses for money transfers in three US states, hardly any steps in this direction have been announced.

    The tech billionaire announced at the weekend that they would “soon say goodbye to the Twitter brand.” At the same time, he generally likes to provoke and had the Twitter logo replaced for a few days in April with the symbol of the digital currency Dogecoin. Musk recently admitted that Twitter’s advertising revenue has halved since the acquisition. Advertising revenue is traditionally the service’s central source of money. Some major advertisers left the service because they feared a more negative environment for their brands under Musk.

    He is now focusing more on the subscription business. At the same time, he brought in the experienced manager Linda Yaccarino, who was previously responsible for the advertising business at media giant NBCUniversal, for the top job. She supported the renaming in a series of tweets.

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