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    Dow is losing pace


    Netflix and Tesla are slipping
    Dow is losing pace

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    It is quite a rare event: the Dow Jones Industrial records gains for nine days in a row. Now he is gradually losing speed – but still manages to gain a small gain. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 is falling again.

    After nine trading days with profits in a row, this is Dow Jones Industrial ran out of air on Friday. At least the US leading index still saved an increase of 0.01 percent to 35,227.69 points across the finish line. A profit of good was expected for the stock market week two percent to book. The day before, the index reached its highest level since April last year.

    Tesla Tesla
    Tesla 169.10

    Before the meeting of the US Federal Reserve Bank In the coming week, the bar on the US stock market will be set significantly higher. “If investors realize that the key interest rates have reached their peak, they will turn more to equity investments again,” wrote chief investor Thorsten Weinelt from Commerzbank. With inflation significantly lower recently, there is less need for the Fed to counteract this with several further interest rate increases.

    The technology-heavy one Nasdaq 100 gave around 0.26 percent to 15,425.67 points after. On Thursday, the index fell after disappointing quarterly reports Netflix and Tesla around more than two percent slipped. However, after the index has gained more than 40 percent this stock market year, such short-term sales waves are not unusual. The market breadth S&P 500 closed on Friday 0.03 percent in plus 4536.34 points.

    Shares in healthcare companies rose significantly. Procter & Gamble put about 1.6 percent to, Johnson&Johnson nearly 1.1 percent. When it comes to individual values, the papers from… toy manufacturer Mattel up to 1.5 percent to, in order to later closing 0.4 percent in the red. The background is the worldwide theatrical release of the “Barbie” film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the main roles.

    The papers of American Express gifts 3.9 percent after. The credit card provider missed analysts' expectations for quarterly revenue and is sticking to its forecast for the full year despite better-than-expected profits, which is causing dissatisfaction among investors.

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