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    Did a secret clause lead to Cora Schumacher's exit from the jungle?


    After Cora Schumacher's voluntary jungle exit, there are rumors about possible confidentiality clauses. The racing driver is now taking a stand on this.

    It was a real surprise for all viewers of “I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”: On Sunday, January 21st, presenter Sonja Zietlow announced shortly before the end of the show that Cora Schumacher was leaving the jungle camp of her own accord has.

    A day later there was more information about the reasons: Cora Schumacher was struggling with the after-effects of her corona disease, and breathing around the campfire was particularly difficult for her. For the sake of her health, the 47-year-old decided to retire early. But according to rumors, that wasn't the real reason: a secret RTL contract is said to have led to Schumacher's early departure.

    There is said to be a “Schumi agreement” at RTL

    As “Bild” reports, the broadcaster was worried about what information Cora Schumacher would reveal in the extreme situation around the campfire. Specifically, it is said to have been about details about Formula 1 star Michael Schumacher. As part of the jungle camp, there should be a “Schumi agreement” that is intended to protect the privacy of the athlete who withdrew from the public after a skiing accident in 2013.

    In fact, Cora Schumacher has a close connection to Michael Schumacher's family. From October 2001 to February 2015 she was married to his brother Ralf. The two divorced two years after Michael Schumacher's accident. According to “Bild”, RTL officials feared that she would reveal things that the Schumacher family did not want to see on TV or read in reports.

    “There are no gag contracts”

    Cora Schumacher is now taking a stand in her Instagram story: She is annoyed by the speculation. “What ridiculous shit. There is no secrecy from me. I can tell and say anything I want, when I want, and to whom I want. Period. There are no gag contracts in which I have to be dictated by others in any way. “

    There is another reason why Cora Schumacher doesn't talk about her former family in public: “It has everything to do with respect and loyalty to the family. If I wanted to, I could say it, but I won't,” she says she clear. In the Jungle Camp issue from January 20th, however, it sounded different: In the program, Schumacher explained to her fellow campers that she had to make a declaration of confidentiality when she got divorced. It was not clear from the conversation whether this refers to her failed marriage to Ralf Schumacher or to the condition of Michael Schumacher.

    The real reason for Cora Schumacher's exit from the jungle

    According to Cora Schumacher, the rumors that she had to leave the camp due to contractual clauses of this kind are simply false. She only cared about her health. As soon as she arrived in Australia, she noticed that her post-Covid symptoms were getting worse. In combination with her asthma, she didn't feel fit enough for the jungle: “It's really bad when you can't get enough air and you can't breathe. It can actually happen that you have a panic attack, which is what I'm having said evening, that night too,” she explains on Instagram.

    From Schumacher's point of view, there was a medical necessity to leave the jungle camp. Therefore, she accepted that she might have to forego part of her salary. “If I'm of the opinion that I don't want to suffer long-term damage and suffer from it in the long term, I just have to make the decision for myself as to what's more important at that point: 25 percent more salary or leaving this format.” said Schumacher.

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