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    Apple is probably testing its own household robots


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    Apple is probably testing its own household robots

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    After a decade, Apple suddenly abandons its car plans. The company may use the research findings to develop its own smart home robots. The vacuum cleaner company iRobot in particular can enjoy short-term success on the stock market.

    According to a media report, Apple is considering entering the home robotics business. Among other things, Apple engineers have been working on a robot that can follow people around the house, Bloomberg reported. A table device with a movable display has also been developed, it said, citing informed people. However, it remains to be seen whether such products will ultimately make it to consumers.

    A few weeks ago, Apple gave up its car project after around a decade of development and billions in spending. The robot development at Apple began within the car project and could benefit from the work already done, wrote Bloomberg.

    So far, however, household robots have been a niche business. Amazon introduced its robot Astro in 2021, which can roll through rooms, accept voice commands and show information on a display. However, the device, which costs over $1,500, is only available in small quantities in the USA. However, Amazon recently introduced a version that can be used to monitor business premises.

    The report on Apple's alleged plans was followed by a short-term jump in the share price of the robot vacuum pioneer iRobot – possibly due to hopes that Apple could buy the company in order to secure its name – based on the iPhone, iPad and Co. Amazon recently officially abandoned plans to take over iRobot after headwinds from competition watchdogs.

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