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    AI companies make promises to US presidents


    Google, Amazon, OpenAI
    AI companies make promises to US presidents

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    AI programs are getting better and better and therefore pose some risks, such as the spread of false information. Now seven AI companies, including Microsoft, are promising the US president to become more cautious in the future. There is already a plan for this.

    Seven important developers of software with artificial intelligence have made a commitment to use the technology responsibly. This includes checking AI programs for their risks before publication. Content created or modified by software with artificial intelligence should also be marked, as US President Joe Biden said. Participating companies include Google, Amazon, the Facebook group Meta and Microsoft. The company OpenAI, whose technology is behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT, is also there.

    ChatGPT has been causing a stir since the end of last year because the chatbot can communicate at the linguistic level of a human. The software from the startup OpenAI was trained with a huge amount of data. She formulates a sentence by assessing, word by word, how it could continue. A disadvantage of the principle is that the program has no understanding of the content: This is why it can confidently make claims that are completely false.

    Fight against prejudice, racism and cancer

    The fact that AI software can be used to create and spread false information, including photos and videos that look deceptively real, is considered one of the dangers of the technology. But critics also point out that AI programs are not free from prejudice and discrimination. The companies committed to addressing the problem. They also agreed to focus artificial intelligence on major challenges such as cancer research and climate change.

    Artificial intelligence poses risks for society, the economy and national security – but also incredible opportunities, said Biden. The voluntary commitments are “a promising step,” but new laws and oversight will also be needed, Biden said after meeting with company representatives at the White House. The companies Anthropic and Inflection, which develop AI assistants, also joined the commitment.

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