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    Dieter Hallervorden defends video criticizing Israel


    The actor publishes a poem about the war in Gaza and disapproves of Israel's policies. Now Dieter Hallervorden is responding to criticism and rejects the accusation of anti-Semitism.

    The actor Dieter Hallervorden has defended his video about the war in Gaza against criticism. In it he also speaks of apartheid and genocide in connection with Israel's politics. “I made use of my right to freedom of expression, knowing full well that I was not expressing everyone’s opinion,” said the 88-year-old in the RBB “Abendschau” on Wednesday. “I believe that the situation in the Gaza Strip is incompatible with international law, that the situation has nothing to do with humanity.”

    In a three-minute video that Hallervorden posted on Facebook on Tuesday, he called for a ceasefire and the release of “all hostages.” Hamas propaganda videos and clips from the Qatari news channel Al-Jazeera can also be seen in the background. Hallervorden speaks a poem that he wrote together with the controversial songwriter and former Bundestag member of the Left, Diether Dehm.

    Hallervorden said about a father from Gaza whose child was killed: “Should I recommend that this father be as cool as a talk guest and just not make a mistake in saying anything that appears anti-Semitic?” He says about German politics: “They pledge allegiance to apartheid, from traffic lights to AfD.” The use of the term apartheid in relation to the Jewish state of Israel is ideologically hotly contested. Hallervorden also criticizes arms deliveries to Israel – and asks: “And that shouldn't be genocide?”

    “I don’t know what’s supposed to be anti-Semitic about that.”

    Regarding the accusation that he promotes anti-Semitism, Hallervorden said in the RBB “Abendschau”: “So it was a call to say: Come back, try to keep the weapons silent, talk to each other – that's the only way there can be a solution. What about it I don't know if it's anti-Semitic.” Collective solidarity with Israel cannot be maintained. If you notice wrongdoing in a friend, you are obliged to talk about it. Regarding the “genocide” statement, Hallervorden said that, despite the centuries-long guilt of the German people, one must “address things as one feels them, directly.”

    A few weeks ago, the actor and Berlin theater director shared a post on Instagram in which he took a position against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and called on the German government to work towards an end to the war between Israel and Hamas.

    On October 7th, the terrorist organization Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel, massacred more than 1,200 people and kidnapped around 240 people as hostages. Israel then launched a war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, the number of deaths in Gaza recently rose to around 33,800.

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