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More is a strong alternative to cable television is a strong alternative to cable television


    Quite inexpensive, lots of options is a strong alternative to cable TV

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    From July 1st, tenants will have to choose between a new cable TV contract or alternatives. One option is, which offers a wide range of live channels and on-demand content via the Internet connection. In the practical test, the service shows many strengths and only a few weaknesses.

    The so-called additional cost privilege ends on July 1st, meaning that landlords can no longer force their tenants to have a cable connection. This means that those affected either have to sign a new contract with the existing provider or look for an alternative for TV reception. tried, which not only offers live channels but also a wide range of available content via the Internet. The test shows that the cable competition has to make an effort to keep up with the German streaming service. This also applies to the price. tested the offer with the 4K stick, which costs around 60 euros individually plus 5 euros for shipping. You can also use the service with apps on your smart TV, smartphone, tablet or via the provider's web player on Mac computers and Windows PCs. installed the app on a Samsung television and an Android smartphone.

    Attractive prices

    With the Comfort package you get 199 channels for just under 7.50 euros per month, 164 of which offer HD quality. However, this does not include the offers from RTL and Pro7/Sat.1. You can stream on two devices at the same time and record 50 hours of programs via server.

    With Perfect Plus you can watch a total of 267 channels. 252 of them have HD resolution, RTL and Pro7/Sat.1 as well as 67 pay TV offers are also included. You can record 100 hours and use 4 devices at the same time.

    Both packages can be canceled on a monthly basis. If you commit to two years, you will pay just under 10 euros per month for Perfect Plus during this time, then 13 euros thereafter. You can also add the 4K Stick to the Perfect Plus package. The surcharge of three euros per month is only worth it if you cancel the offer after the one-year minimum term. You also have to pay an extra three euros per month if you want to consume on the go via the mobile Internet.

    The stick has its advantages

    If you use the stick, it can be set up quickly if you have an Android smartphone. Because then you can easily transfer the Google account and WiFi connection. In general, the smartphone app also helps on the television. Among other things, you can organize the program list here and stream content from your cell phone to the stick using the Chromcast function.

    With the smartphone app you can quickly and easily organize the channel list according to your own taste. With the smartphone app you can quickly and easily organize the channel list according to your own taste.

    With the smartphone app you can quickly and easily organize the channel list according to your own taste.

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    The main advantages of the stick are that you can install apps. It runs on Android TV, which means the Google Play Store has a wide range of options, including RTL+ and other streaming services. There is already a button on the very successful remote control for Netflix and YouTube, and applications such as Amazon Prime and media libraries are pre-installed.

    Controllers can also be linked to the stick for games; connected an Xbox controller without any problems. However, the stick only offers a small amount of storage space; after commissioning, just over 3 GB were available in the test. Otherwise, the device is well-equipped, usually responds quickly and has no problems when streaming 4K content.

    The remote also has a button to give voice commands or ask questions to the Google Assistant. However, quickly gave up trying to control the stick with it. There was hardly anything more than getting to the homepage or opening YouTube; you couldn't even access individual channels. The numbers on the remote control are more useful here, with which you can control TV channels directly.

    Large selection, but clear

    Regardless of whether it's an app or a stick, you basically have the choice between live television including a program overview, recordings and the Waiputhek. You can start recordings either from a current program, the program overview, with the remote control of the stick or the app. The large selection may make seem a bit confusing at first, but you will quickly find your way around.

    The Waiputhek is there for browsing and also has its own button on the stick's remote control. Here you will find, among other things, “The best of TV & media libraries”, all media libraries or those sorted by channel, the “Series of the Week” and other series suggestions as well as content arranged by topic. This is similar to Amazon Prime and other streaming services, but it's successful.

    Very good picture quality, sound catches up

    The home page in the app resembles a general store of recommendations. It's neater with stick. Among popular apps you will find your favorite channels, which are easiest to determine in the smartphone app, as well as highlights from media libraries and the option to continue the last program you watched.

    The image quality is very good; fortunately for the high-end, the only thing missing is Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ or ​​Dolby Atmos. Since February, has supported Dolby Audio 5.1, original sound and subtitles if a service offers it. The stick even supports Dolby Atmos with corresponding offers, but strangely enough you have to enable this in the sound settings first.

    Conclusion can easily replace cable television, all that is required is a good internet connection. The offer is enormous, especially with the Perfect Plus package for just under 13 euros, and the price-performance ratio is very good. Combinations with Netflix, Wow or DAZN make even more attractive. If you don't have a Smart TV or like to have everything in one place, the 4k Stick is a powerful device.

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