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    Thomas Gottschalk shows unusual engagement ring


    The presenter wants to get married again: Thomas Gottschalk proposed to his partner Karina. However, it didn't go quite as planned.

    His first marriage lasted almost half a century. In March 2019, Thomas Gottschalk announced his separation from his then wife Thea after 50 years together. Shortly afterwards, the “Wetten, dass..?” presenter made his new relationship with Karina Mroß public. He now wants to take the plunge with her once again.

    On Thursday, the 74-year-old announced that he had proposed to his partner, who is twelve years younger than him. While they were on holiday together, he asked for Karina's hand in marriage – but not with the ring intended for it. Thomas Gottschalk had “forgotten it in the hotel safe and then had to quickly make one out of candy wrappers,” he revealed on Instagram.

    He provided proof there and posted a photo of the makeshift ring. “Some goldsmiths spend a few days making something like that,” he joked about the snapshot and also shared a photo showing him and his future wife with drinks in their hands. Both are beaming at the camera.

    Despite the unplanned incident, Karina said yes. The real ring came later. And Thomas Gottschalk presented it to his 100,000 or so followers on Instagram. In the photo, which you can see by clicking on the arrow on the right, Karina is holding the four-row diamond-studded piece of jewelry up to the camera.

    Before his relationship with the 62-year-old, the “Wetten, dass..?” presenter kept his private life strictly out of the public eye. At the end of the 1990s, he even moved to the USA with his family to protect his sons Tristan and Roman from the press. Last year, Thomas Gottschalk discovered Instagram for himself and has since given his fans insights into his everyday life on his account.

    In a post in April, he also revealed where he and Karina were planning their future together. “Next summer we're moving to Munich,” the 74-year-old wrote at the time. In Gräfelfing near Lake Ammersee, the two “bought a house that still needs to be renovated,” Karina told “Bild” a little later, and enthused: “We're really looking forward to Bavaria!”

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