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    This metropolis heats the most


    Despite the sometimes very low temperatures in the past few weeks, a large city has only heated a little in the current heating season. Which is it?

    For several days the thermometer showed temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius in many places. Not a reason for every household to turn up the heating a little higher. A current analysis by the energy service provider Ista SE shows which large city consumed the least and which consumed the most in the current heating season.

    Consumption increased nationwide

    In the current heating season, Leipzig has the lowest energy consumption. So far, an average of 31.3 kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter has been consumed here. Bochum follows in second place with 34.7 kWh/sqm; in third place Bonn with 35.2 kWh/sqm.

    Heating energy consumption has so far been comparatively highest in Frankfurt am Main: in the Hessian banking city, households have used an average of 61.4 kWh/sqm of heating energy. And little was saved in Duisburg (54.7 kWh/sqm) and Cologne (52.8 kWh/sqm). Energy consumption in these large cities even increased by around 14 percent compared to the previous season.

    What is surprising, however, is that heating consumption has increased nationwide. And this despite the fact that – overall – it was significantly warmer in the current heating season (September to December 2023) than in the previous season, according to Ista.

    The metropolises in detail:

    1. Leipzig 31.3 kWh/sqm
    2. Bochum 34.7 kWh/sqm
    3. Bonn 35.2 kWh/sqm
    4. Dresden 35.7 kWh/sqm
    5. Food 36.7 kWh/sqm
    6. Hanover 37.0 kWh/sqm
    7. Münster 38.7 kWh/sqm
    8. Munich 38.9 kWh/sqm
    9. Düsseldorf 39.6 kWh/sqm
    10. Dortmund 41.6 kWh/sqm
    11. Nuremberg 42.2 kWh/sqm
    12. Bielefeld 42.3 kWh/sqm
    13. Hamburg 43.4 kWh/sqm
    14. Berlin 43.6 kWh/sqm
    15. Bremen 43.7 kWh/sqm
    16. Stuttgart 44.6 kWh/sqm
    17. Wuppertal 51.5 kWh/sqm
    18. Cologne 52.8 kWh/sqm
    19. Duisburg 54.7 kWh/sqm
    20. Frankfurt am Main 61.4 kWh/sqm

    About the methodology

    The Ista study is based on real, anonymized heating data from over 350,000 apartments that are managed by the energy service provider. The monthly heating energy consumption determined in this way is extrapolated into primary energy and then determined accordingly depending on the respective measuring device. The data collected is adjusted for weather conditions. This means that the energy consumption is based on what would have occurred in an averagely cool heating season.

    Ista has given the current heating season as September to December 2023.

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