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    This is what “Caren Miosga’s” new studio looks like


    Just over a week left. Then Caren Miosga welcomes you to her talk show on Sunday evening on Erste for the first time. Now there are insights into the new studio.

    Former “Tagesthemen” Caren Miosga is happy with the studio for her new talk show named after her. This starts on January 21, 2024 in the time slot of “Anne Will”. The location in which Miosga will in the future receive personalities from politics, business, society and culture is very different from that of its predecessor. Because the 54-year-old’s guests sit at the same table.

    Anyway, the studio in Berlin Adlershof has a completely new design and – as was previously known – there is again space for over 90 people in the audience. Otherwise, the location of the new discussion group impresses with many wooden elements and rather dark colors, including an intense turquoise blue. The centerpiece is a large oval table. All of this, in combination with the lighting concept, should help to condense the conversation atmosphere, according to a press release from Erste.

    Big difference to “Anne Will”

    Instead, at “Anne Will” in the studio there were clunky armchairs on which the guests and hostess sat. There were three flat tables in the middle. There was also a small table next to each guest to put a glass of water on. Overall, the studio appeared brighter than Miosga’s.

    “Ideal conditions”

    In any case, Miosga is satisfied. She is quoted as follows: “I would like to have longer and more in-depth conversations with our guests whenever possible.” In her opinion, the new “Studio [dafür] ideal conditions”. The on-site audience is also “a resonance space for what is being said.” Anne Will recently decided not to have an on-site audience. For example, with “Markus Lanz”, there has no longer been an audience in the studio since the pandemic.

    “Caren Miosga” starts on January 21, 2024 at 9:45 p.m. on Erste. The format then runs on 30 Sundays a year after the “crime scene”. Here you can read what Miosga wants to do differently than her predecessor.

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