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    This brings the big update to iOS 17.2


    Apple delivers gradually and ahead
    This brings the big update to iOS 17.2

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    iOS 17.2 is now available for installation. The update not only fixes bugs and closes security gaps, but also brings new functions. Among other things, Apple is adding the Journal app and preparing the iPhone 15 Pro duo to work with the Vision Pro glasses.

    Shortly before the turn of the year, Apple is releasing a major update that, in addition to the usual improvements and problem solutions, also offers several new functions. This is also noticeable in the size: it is almost 6.4 gigabytes (GB) in size for an iPhone 15 Pro (Max). For other devices it is smaller because some features are reserved for the top models.

    “Dear Diary…” was yesterday

    All iPhones with iOS 17 will receive the Journal app, which was no longer ready in time for the September update. According to Apple, it “allows you to reflect and express gratitude through journaling, which has been proven to have a positive impact on well-being.”

    You can add photos, videos, audio recordings, music, places and more to the journal. This also works with content from third-party apps. The application then uses machine learning to make personalized suggestions for diary entries. Customizable messages are designed to help develop writing habits over time.

    Apple emphasizes that the Journal app is about privacy. Among other things, all entries on the iPhone or in the iCloud are stored encrypted. The suggestions are generated on the device and you can protect the app with your password, Face ID or Touch ID.

    Other new features for all iOS 17.2 recipients include additional weather widgets and the ability to change the default notification sound. Finally, Apple has also made minor changes to the Messages app. You can now jump to the first unread message in a conversation by tapping an arrow, you can adjust the body shape of Memojis and stickers can now be used directly with speech bubbles.

    Preparing for Vision Pro

    Only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can record 3D videos (Spatial Video) after the update. However, it will take a while before you can view the spatial images. This requires Apple's upcoming Vision Pro data glasses, which, according to rumors, could come onto the market in March. Otherwise, 3D videos are displayed like normal two-dimensional recordings. Apple apparently wants to increase demand for the Vison Pro by providing the function early.

    Additionally, iOS 17.2 on the Pro models accelerates the focusing speed of the telephoto camera.

    The update also upgrades the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: you can now also use it to access the translator function.

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