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    The hospitality industry is missing more than 65,000 employees


    “The problem has worsened”
    The hospitality industry is missing more than 65,000 employees

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    Not only are skilled workers desperately needed in care and crafts, the hospitality industry is also currently lacking thousands of employees. This now also affects opening times and service. The industry still has hope.

    According to the industry association DEHOGA, hotels and restaurants in Germany currently need more than 65,000 additional employees. “According to the monthly DEHOGA surveys, the shortage of employees is regularly one of the biggest challenges for companies,” said the association. “The Federal Employment Agency reports 33,160 vacancies in the hospitality industry for June. However, we assume that the actual need is at least twice as high, as many companies no longer report their vacant positions to the employment agencies or job centers,” said DEHOGA labor market expert Sandra Warden.

    Warden supported the estimate by looking at the numbers from June 2019: At that time, almost 40,000 vacancies were reported. “And as we know, the problem has worsened immensely since then (as a result of the coronavirus pandemic),” Warden said. “Especially now in the holiday season and the associated increased demand in tourist destinations, the need continues to increase.”

    “Forced to shorten opening hours”

    Catering businesses are now reacting in a variety of ways to the tense situation on the labor market. “There are establishments that are therefore forced to shorten their opening hours, introduce rest days or concentrate the menu offering,” said Warden. In some restaurants it has recently been observed that there is more emphasis on self-service instead of full service at the table.

    With DEHOGA, however, there is hope that the industry can quickly benefit from the opportunities offered by reformed immigration and easier employment of refugees. The association also calls for an offensive for dual training and more appreciation for practical professions and activities.

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