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The Fault In Our Education

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Our educational system has been under criticism for decades. We all must’ve heard the quote – “ Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” Well, that is how our educational system is and is shaping the future generations. The main issue with the system is that it does not magnify the best of a particular person but conforms the abilities of the person to abide by society and culture. Let us look at some more of the aspects our educational system that is faulty.

  • Education should not be one standard: Not everyone is of the same calibre nor do they have the same skills. In our educational system, a lot of preference is given to the concept of memorizing rather than understanding the topic. This approach will help the students with a better memorizing capability to get maximum marks and ace the class but will render the time they spend on memorizing the topic useless for themselves in the long run. The system should be altered in such a way that the students are not programmed like chips and computer but encouraged to think deeper into the subject.
  • Change the student-teacher relationship: In our current scenario, the system goes as a teacher-student relation. The teacher teaches and the students take in the information with no questions asked. The students learning is limited to what the teacher knows. This should change to a scenario wherein the student learns about the topic with the help of what the teacher knows and more. A teacher should do more than just offer students with the 12th study material, a teacher must make and enforce students to ask why to every topic they teach.
  • Discover & Develop Yourself: Traditional education sets mental boundaries, narrowing the student’s opportunities only by what is inside them. The psychological problems that can hamper learning are not given due attention. Many students carefully hide them in order to avoid ridicule and criticism. Often the most vulnerable are forced to sacrifice their giftedness in order to somehow adapt themselves to a group consisting of mediocrities.

Thus, we have discussed some of the aspects of our educational system, which inhibit the innate capabilities of individuals. For more, tips and tricks and new age learning content like 10th class study material which will help you to learn better, check out our YouTube channel.

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