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Start your Systematic Investment Plan with IIFL Mutual Funds

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SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) works on the principle of regular investments where investors make small periodic investments (monthly or quarterly) instead of a large one-time investment.

SIP gives the investors benefit from power of compounding & flexibility to invest as low as Rs.500 per month. Investors can opt for higher amounts depending on their goals and investment strategy. It provides you with an affordable investment option that can help in inculcating a habit of regular saving. Since SIP is a regular investment on fixed dates, it is often considered to be immune from Market ups and downs

Investing in mutual funds via Systematic Invest Plan (SIP) is the best way of creating wealth in the long-term. Through SIP you can regularly invest a fixed amount in mutual fund schemes. Investors get the benefit of rupee cost averaging, compounding, and disciplined investing, and can beat the volatility of the stock markets through SIPs.

Besides, SIP amount gets auto-debited from the bank accounts of the investors, which gives the latter flexibility to increase, decrease, or stop the SIP anytime. SIP is gaining traction among retail investors as they also want to create wealth in the long-term.

How to start an SIP?

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) can be started either through App “Mutual fund by IIFL” or IIFL MF Website (https://mf.indiainfoline.com/MFOnline/)

Here is the simple 5 step process to start your SIP with IIFL:

  1. Select a mutual fund (you will get useful recommendation on the app and website)
  2. Decide the amount
  3. Decide date
  4. Decide the SIP period
  5. Choose payment method

Payment mode can either be through Bank or through Ledger:
In Case of bank, You have to submit the signed bank mandate form to the address mentioned in the form itself.
In case of Ledger (your account with IIFL), you have to maintain the balance at-least two days before the SIP date.

It is said that “One who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Start your SIP to make an effective investment plan to sail through life.

Website: https://mf.indiainfoline.com
Mobile Application:
Android / Apple

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