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    Six new headphones and earphones sound very good


    Stiftung Warentest tests 26 new Bluetooth headphones and earphones. Eleven achieved top positions in the tables, six of them sounded very good, a test winner only costs 80 euros.

    Anyone looking for good Bluetooth headphones has an increasingly large selection. Since last November, Stiftung Warentest has tested 26 new models, eleven of which placed at the top of the tables with good overall grades. A lot has changed in earphones (in-ears), four newcomers offer very good sound, and a new number 1 only costs 80 euros.

    Bose's best over-ear entry-level model

    There was less movement with the circumaural headphones (over-ears). Here two devices defended their joint leadership with a quality rating of 1.7. You have to pay at least 500 euros for it Bowers & Wilkins PX8 leaf over. In return, you get headphones with good (1.7) sound, good (1.8) noise cancellation (ANC) and good (2.2) comfort. The testers considered the mileage to be very good.

    The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless had the same overall rating, but can be found online for around 250 euros. It offers a slightly stronger ANC (1.6), but the competitor is slightly ahead when it comes to sound (2.0). Stiftung Warentest rated the comfort as good (2.2) and the battery as very good (0.6).

    They placed themselves as the best newcomer Bose QuietComfort Headphones with a quality rating of 1.8, just behind the top duo. Their sound is good (1.6), their ANC is very good (1.5). The examiners found the endurance only satisfactory (2.6). The headphones can be found online for around 240 euros.

    The QuietComfort Headphones and another Bose newcomer actually sound very good. Because the surroundings can also hear some of it, its sound was only rated as good overall.

    Airpods Max in 3rd place

    The one that is also newly listed JBL Tune 770NC achieved the same overall grade with an equally good tone (1.8). Its battery is very good (0.6), but its noise reduction is only good (1.6). In terms of price, it leaves its Bose competitor far behind; the JBL Tune 770NC only costs around 100 euros.

    This is the third over-ear with a quality rating of 1.8 Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2, which is available from around 220 euros. It sounds good (1.8) and lasts a long time (1.1), but only has a satisfactory (2.6) ANC.

    The only headband headphones with very good sound (1.5) remain Apple Airpods Max. However, the headset, which costs at least 520 euros, only has a satisfactory (2.8) runtime and good (1.9) noise cancellation. Overall, that's enough for a quality rating of 1.9 and third place, which the Apple headphones share with a number of competitors. Among them are the newcomers Bose QuietComfort Ultra (365 euros) and the Beats Studio Pro (250 euro).

    The Fairphone Fairbuds XL (200 euros) is not one of the test winners with an overall grade of 2.3, but it scores points for sustainability. The battery and other components are replaceable and a high proportion of recycled materials are used in production. Sound (2.5), ANC (2.1) and battery (1.9) received good marks from Warentest.

    Earphone test winner for just under 80 euros

    When it comes to earphones, two newcomers took the lead with a quality rating of 1.7. The Technics EAH-AZ80 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE have practically identical individual grades. Their sound is very good (1.5), the same applies to the ANC (1.1). Both earbuds are a bit short on breath (2.9), which ruined an even better quality rating for them. Although they are equally good, the price difference is huge. While you have to spend at least 260 euros for the Technics, you can get the Galaxy Buds FE for just under 80 euros.

    Behind the two new leaders are a total of six high-quality earphones with an overall grade of 1.8. The group is led by the Apple Airpods Pro (240 euros), which were previously the only in-ears to have been certified by Stiftung Warentest as having very good (1.5) sound. Its active noise cancellation is also very good (1.3), and the testers liked the battery.

    Little things make the difference

    The tone of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II (180 euros) is almost as good (1.6), and its sound is actually very good. Like the manufacturer's headband headphones, they allowed the surroundings to be heard during the test. They also offer very good ANC (1.5) and good (1.9) mileage. The third earphones with a quality rating of 1.8 are the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (190 euros). They offer very good active noise cancellation (1.5), sound (1.8), battery (2.4) and comfort and handling (2.0) are good.

    The Beats Studio Buds+ (140 euros) achieved the quality rating with good marks for sound (1.7), ANC (1.6) and battery (2.3). The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds (250 euros), like their larger headphone colleagues, only received a good grade (1.6) for the sound despite a very good sound due to audible interference. Its ANC is very good (1.3), its endurance is satisfactory (2.8). Also the Sony WF-1000XM5 (223 euros) achieved an overall grade of 1.8. They are the fourth earbuds with a very good (1.5) sound. Warentest rated their noise suppression (2.0) and their battery performance (2.4) as good.

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