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Self Monitored Alarm System: Worth or Not?

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Smart alarm systems have already made our lives a whole lot simpler. We don’t worry about the safety of our home and neighbourhood as much as we once used to. And now, the smart home automation has come up with the promise of an even better tomorrow.

We all like to focus on one thing at a time. So when we are at work or away on a vacation, we want to just be in the moment. But most of us can’t stop ourselves from worrying about our home and its safety when we are away.

It only makes sense to get an alarm system that we can customize according to our schedule. We finally have the freedom to check back on our home from anywhere and at anytime. And this makes the self monitored alarm system a must-have for all kinds of households.

Know What is Going On, Anytime

When you are at work or on a vacation, your mind does hover over the topic of home safety. If only, you have a pair of eyes and ears to give you regular feedback about your home. Thankfully, Arlo range of devices performs remarkably in this context.

You can pick the best option for your home after doing a quick research about Arlo vs Arlo Pro. The next step in the smart alarm hierarchy was bound to be the self-monitoring facility. You just need to have your smartphone handy and rest will be a cakewalk for you.

There are so many benefits of owning a self monitored alarm system in today’s world. There is a certain relief that comes from having the knowledge that your home is totally safe and secure at any given moment. And these alarm systems bring that same mental peace for you throughout the day!

What Is a Self Monitored Alarm System?

Nowadays there are two main kinds of the smart alarm systems in town. There is the company monitored alarm system. And then you have the self – monitored alarm systems. We will always recommend you the latter over the former because it gives you total control and ease of customization.

A self monitored alarm system is open to your interpretation right from its hardware to its software. You can have a single alarm or an entire network of highly sensitive detectors and sensors. You can expand or collapse it as per your preference.

Most often than not, it will come with a smartphone app. In addition to this, you will also get email and SMS alerts in times of danger. This will help you to take immediate action no matter how distracted you might be that moment.

Basic Details

You can adjust the sensitivity of the alarm according to your requirements. The arming and disarming process can also be managed through your smartphone app. Assign your close and reliable acquaintances as the emergency contacts on the smart alarm.

This way they can make the right call when you are not reachable. This will also allow your trusted and selected neighbors to keep an eye on your home for you. The community features of these alarms really help a great deal in distributing the task of looking after your home to the people you completely trust.

Few of these self monitored alarm systems also come with the speaker facility. This will allow you to warn the burglars or talk to the people at home if the alarm has gone off by mistake. There are a lot of different applications where the speaker will become immensely useful.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of a Self Monitored Alarm System

Just like everything else in the world, this alarm system also has its fair share of cons. But, depending on how you are planning to use it, there might be none in your case. Read on to get an honest review of the self monitored alarm systems:


  1. Easy to Install And Relocate

The one thing that bothers most of the savvy customers is a tricky installation process. Thankfully, more and more manufacturers are taking note of this hassle. And most of the smart alarm systems nowadays are highly easy to install.

You just need to follow one or two steps of this simple plug-and-play method. And your alarm system will be up and running in no time. And when you have to move, just put it back in the box with the same ease. And mount it back up in the new place in the simplest manner.

  1. Inexpensive

You will save a great deal if you go with the self-monitored alarm systems. With the company monitored ones, you always have to sign the contract and pay a hefty monthly subscription fees. It might not seem to be too much in the start.

But once you will see the money seeping from your back account owing to the monthly subscription fees. You will really start appreciating the self monitored alarm systems all the more. There are no hidden charges or monthly fees with the self monitored models. You just make the one-time payment at the time of purchase. And then all your joys and comforts because of it are all freebies!

  1. Usage Ease

The best gadgets are the ones which are simple to use. You don’t want to waste more time learning how to use something than the duration for which you would actually use it. With the self monitored alarm systems, you get that ease of use.

Since the consumers will be using it all by themselves, they are made exceptionally user-friendly so all kinds of people can use it. It might be your first smart device. But still you will find it so easy and simple to use that you will become a pro at this smart home automation game in no time.


  1. Wi-Fi Dependent

You need a reliable Wi-Fi connection to use all the features of these alarms at all times. The smartphone connectivity and remote access heavily depend upon the home Wi-Fi network. And you need the kind of network that you can rely on a daily basis.

In case the power is out, you would want to have a constant power backup. This will make sure that you remain connected with your self-monitored alarm system even in case of a black out. It is during these times that the anti- social elements try to break -in your homes.

Are Self Monitored Alarm Systems Worth?

There are a number of reasons that will make the self monitored alarm systems most suitable for your home. You might not want the interference of the company monitored alarm systems at your home round the clock.

You might have sensitive information on your home server that you don’t feel like sharing with the outside agencies. It is not just the ease of customization. But with the self monitored alarm systems, you get that total security cover and total safety from outside intrusions.

You don’t have to worry about all the sensitive data that might be there in your cloud. Nor do you have to tolerate that annoying feeling of being surveilled at your very own home round the clock. You will be able to monitor and safeguard your home just the way you want.

Best Security Investment At Present

You will have regular updates assuring you about your home safety. And you will be able to focus at work with full concentration. And when finally you decide to take that long awaited family break, you will be able to unwind there without worrying even a bit about what is going back home.

This will be one of the smartest decision of your life till date. The thing that you will admire the most about this device is that it gives you as much freedom and covers your desire simultaneously. It gets that balance just right and you end up with a security solution that will finally help you sleep with total peace at night.

You can upgrade this alarm system as and when you want. Most of the self monitored alarm systems present in the market are designed in a way to be compatible with as many security gadgets as possible.


Finally, there are many ways to secure your home with the smart home automation devices. But the self monitored alarm systems are possibly the most helpful way that will alert you right on time when your attention is required.

And the rest of the times you can just check the status of your home and be at ease. It helps you from worrying too much without any reason. And prompts you for immediate action when your attention is required.

You can call 911 in an instant in case of danger. The in-built technology of these alarms makes sure that you are able to get help quickly when you need it the most. There can be a few of your friends and relatives too that live nearby and stay connected with you on the app.

A Secure Home At Your Fingertips

You can never be too much safe at present times. But, the self monitored alarm systems surely help you a ton in avoiding excessive expenditure on expensive and hardly usable devices that will just clutter up your home.

What do you think about the self monitored alarm systems? Are they a good fit for your home? If yes, then do let us know that which brand you are more inclined towards and why. Also, give us your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

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