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    Ronaldo club could sign Bayern star


    Report on conversations with Mané
    Ronaldo club could sign Bayern star

    Sadio Mané comes to FC Bayern as a savior, has a disappointing first season and is apparently allowed to leave Munich again. The 31-year-old is currently on vacation in his home country. Cristiano Ronaldo's club is reportedly thinking of bringing him to Saudi Arabia.

    Sadio Mané is sitting at home in Senegal with his hands in his lap, his gaze wandering thoughtfully into the distance. Does the Bayern Munich professional look to a better future in the photo he posted online from Dakar at home?

    At FC Bayern, the striker who was welcomed as a savior has turned out to be a million-dollar flop, and now it could be time to go into the desert! After world stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, Mané is also said to be on Saudi Arabia's shopping list. The Saudi sports journalist Sultan Al-Otaibi reported on discussions between Ronaldo's club Al-Nassr and the players' side.

    Will the big misunderstanding end prematurely? FC Bayern would not be averse to selling Mané two years before the end of his contract – also in order to increase the scope for the planned transfers of top striker Harry Kane and defensive “monster” Min-jae Kim. In any case, Mané's first year in Munich was a complete disappointment.

    Seven goals in 25 Bundesliga games, only 18 of them from the start – that was far too little for the supposed royal transfer that came from Liverpool for 32 million euros and was supposed to make exceptional striker Robert Lewandowski forget. The bitter injury to the fibula head in November also ruined the balance sheet, and there were also negative headlines due to the locker room attack on Leroy Sané.

    Other Bayern professionals were too slow

    “It was a complicated season, but that happens. That wasn't a surprise for me,” said the 31-year-old recently. He “expected that it would be a bit complicated” and wanted to attack again: “I love challenges and Bavaria is a big one. It's up to me to give everything to overcome this challenge.”

    Mané's advisor Bacary Cisse emphasized that others are to blame for the teething problems. “His teammates didn't adapt to his fast game,” he claimed: “I think he probably would have scored five more goals if they had adapted.”

    Cisse assured that he had “heard nothing” from Saudi Arabia. Rather, he emphasized: “What is certain is that he will stay at Bayern. He has signed for three years. He has one year behind him and still has two. As of now he is staying at Bayern.” However, that was before the rumors about Al-Nassr, which, after Ronaldo, also brought Croatian star Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan.

    And what does Mané say? “If everything goes well, I'll return to Bayern.” If? “God willing.” But maybe he also has other plans for him.

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