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    Market launch for new power storage announced


    Tesla presents the third generation of its Powerwall solar storage solution. The new model promises expanded functions and improved user-friendliness.

    After years of announcements, Tesla has now launched the Powerwall 3. The solar storage system is intended to further revolutionize the energy market, particularly through its expanded functions and improved user-friendliness. The company has thus addressed some of the criticisms of the previous models and is trying to prevent them with the Powerwall 3 – but not all of them.

    Tesla claims that the new version of the solar storage system has a higher capacity and is better integrated into the Tesla ecosystem. The model also makes it easier to control, monitor and manage your own energy consumption. According to Tesla, the reasons for this are improved software and enhanced hardware.

    The solar storage system is not yet available in Germany, but it is available in parts of the USA and Canada. The Powerwall 3 can be ordered there with or without solar panels. Tesla also offers a solar roof.

    The company has not announced on its website when the Powerwall 3 will be available for German customers. However, interested parties can find out more on a Special page Register and receive information as soon as the device is available.

    How expensive the Powerwall 3 and the individual additional options are can only be found out during the ordering process. On the US side, the prices for a Powerwall are over 10,000 US dollars – including gateway, accessories and taxes, but excluding installation costs.

    The Powerwall 3 is said to have a capacity of 13.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) and can store up to 13 kilowatts (kW). It is said to weigh less than 130 kilograms and be about 101 centimeters high, 60.9 centimeters wide and 19.3 centimeters deep. Tesla gives a ten-year guarantee on its solar storage system. The solar storage system is said to work without problems even in the event of flooding (maximum 60 centimeters) and high humidity.

    There are already a number of Powerwall models on the market. The first model in particular was criticized for its high volume and exposed cables. These criticisms have been addressed in the Powerwall 2 model. However, that does not mean that the power storage unit does not have any shortcomings. Many users criticized the lack of flexibility, for example. Unlike the storage units of other manufacturers, Tesla sets the storage capacity at 13.5 kWh and cannot be expanded or modified to suit your own needs before purchase.

    Another point of criticism regarding the Powerwall 2 is the lack of or poor integration with other charging stations or even a heat pump. Many users also want better monitoring.

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