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    “Let’s Dance” jury awards 30 points for the first time


    “Let’s Dance” is back and the jury seems to be particularly generous after the Easter break. For the first time, a candidate received full points.

    Because of the ban on dancing on Good Friday, RTL had to forego “Let’s Dance” last week. The Cologne broadcaster sent the ten remaining celebrities on a week-long break. The moderators and jurors also took a break. Now the dance show is back in the program and the jury is in a particularly good mood.

    On Friday evening, the ten ladle was pulled out several times. Jana Wosnitza received ten points from Jorge González and Joachim Llambi for her slow waltz to “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. Also Detlef D! Soost was awarded ten points twice for his samba to “Tum Takketà” by Luca D, Alessandro Olivato.

    Gabriel Kelly added one more. Angelo Kelly's son danced a tango to Metallica's “Nothing Else Matters” on Friday night. He not only received words of praise from the jury for his performance, but also full points. Joachim Llambi also said: “You are for me […] the favorite here.”

    The points at a glance

    • Gabriel Kelly: 30 points
    • Jana Wosnitza: 29 points
    • Detlef D! Soost: 29 points
    • Lulu Lewe: 27 points
    • Mark Keller: 23 points
    • Biyon Kattilathu: 23 points
    • Tony Bauer: 23 points
    • Sophia Thiel: 19 points
    • Stefano Zarrella: 19 points
    • Ann Kathrin Bendixen: 16 points

    The 22-year-old would have preferred to skip the Easter break and would have preferred to continue training. Gabriel Kelly also raved after his performance: “This is really the most beautiful trip I've taken.” He enjoys every second “that I’m allowed to be here.”

    However, it is not the jurors who decide how far the journey goes, but rather the spectators. The audience has the final say. The star with the fewest calls has to leave the show. This time it was Giovanni Zarrella's brother.

    With Stefano Zarrella's exit, there are now only nine celebrities left in the running. Who will be “Dancing Star 2024” will be decided in May. Then the big finale of “Let’s Dance” takes place. Last year Anna Ermakova took the win.

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