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Keyboard playing guide for beginners

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Are you a beginner and don’t anything about how to play a keyboard? Are you a dedicated learner? If yes, today we are going to discuss with you the steps that are required to start playing the keyboard and that too incorrect manner. Even if you want to learn any other musical instruments in future, the keyboard is a very basic foundation to it. It can prove out to be a first successful step in stepping forward to learn other instruments.

Through the below guide, you will get a basic of how to position yourself in front of the keyboard and play it.

  1. Buy a keyboard bench

The very first step is to get you a keyboard bench. Make sure you use the only bench and not any chair. The reason being that bench provides a correct posture and hence there will be no stress on your muscles or any aches.

  1. Appropriately posture yourself

Maintaining a correct position in front of the keyboard is very important. Learning to play the keyboard becomes very easy if you know how to sit properly. If you sit on the bench’s front half, you will be able to move freely. The feet should be placed flat on the floor and just a very small portion of knees should be placed below the keyboard.

Coming to this position might take some time but yes, continuous practice will make you comfortable and certainly, you will get an amazing posture to play the keyboard.

  1. Positions arms and hands

The correct position of the hand is to let your arms hand around to your side. Your hand will automatically come in a ‘C’ shape. You need to keep your hand in this shape only.

Wrists should be kept straight along with the forearms. The position of the hands in a proper manner is also important in order to avoid any type of injury. If it’s your first time on the keyboard, then avoid overplaying.  Try to maintain correct positions at most of the time in order to learn the playing quickly.

  1. Using black keys

When you start placing the fingers on your keyboard, try moving the fingertips inside the keys that are black colored. Always play with the fingers’ padded part and don’t go for the fingertips end as you will be able to move the fingers very quickly on the keyboard and will get the same force which is required to impact all the keyboard keys. If you keep on practicing this, definitely you will get comfortable in this.

  1. Try finding the correct notes

Finding notes play a key role in learning the instrument. There is a seven note musical alphabet present on the keyboard namely A, B, C, D, E, F and G. This is available on white keys. Once G ends, again the alphabet starts. You need to learn all the notes properly.

Good technique is very important to give a brilliant performance. Hence use the smart tricks and be a smart and vigilant keyboard player.

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