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    Iris Klein walks at New York Fashion Week


    Iris Klein has landed a coveted job: Daniela Katzenberger’s mother will be modeling at New York Fashion Week in September.

    The influencer Iris Klein has treated herself to an optical makeover in the past few months: After separating from her husband Peter Klein, she had various cosmetic procedures carried out on her, including breast augmentation and a facelift.

    With her new look, she will soon conquer one of the most important fashion metropolises of all: Iris Klein has now revealed on Instagram that she will be walking at New York Fashion Week.

    “I used to model too”

    “I’m super proud of it, I’m so happy,” wrote the 56-year-old in her Instagram story. Apparently, she already has catwalk experience: “I used to model, too. I even had my children with me backstage. I’m curious if I can still do it.”

    In the meantime, it has already been announced who booked Iris Klein. She will model for the designer Pia Bolte, as she confirmed in an interview with RTL. “I also support best-age models and don’t want to have any hunger hooks,” says the fashion designer. She was totally enthusiastic about Iris Klein’s visual change.

    The former “Summer House of the Stars” candidate will play a very special role in the fashion show, Pia Bolte added: “I’ll definitely let her run first or last – as a highlight.”

    Iris Klein is in love again

    Things are going well for Iris Klein not only professionally, but also privately. After her separation from Peter Klein, she found love again. With her new partner, whom she previously only called “Mister T.” introduced, she seems quite happy.

    At the beginning of the year, Iris Klein publicly accused her then partner Peter Klein of cheating on actress Yvonne Woelke. Although he denied having been unfaithful, he admitted to having fallen in love with the presenter. The little ones then split up.

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