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How to password protect flash drive & USB drive for disk security

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USB drives are known for storing a limitless amount of data and no matter how much data you store, you never lose the portability it offers. Since we are living in a hectic world, we store most of our important data in these drives not thinking the demerits revolving around it. Using these drives isn’t a problem, but not protecting them is a gigantic problem that isn’t given much importance and only gets identified once the user has faced some consequences.

Methods on how you can protect your drives:

Encrypt your data:

A device that is encrypted having a good authentication passphrase or with a decryption key that has been erased offers dominant security from the prying eyes. A physically destroyed or thoroughly wiped drive is considered the most secure methods of preventing data leaks.

Also, you can retrieve your deleted files using the recovery software from mechanical storage devices like USB drives or hard disk drives.

Use Veracrypt or Bitlocker:

Windows also has its own file encryption software (built-in). It is made available in Enterprise versions of Windows Vista, Pro, Ultimate and Windows 10. It works with FAT32, FAT, and NTFS. Just right-click on the drive and select ‘Format’ would allow you to choose which filesystem you want to use.

Moving on from here, encryption your portable drive becomes easy. Select the drive in your file explorer and tap on the manage tab located up top. Select Bitlocker and turn it on. To do so, you would have to enter your password twice (or use a smart card- optional). In case if you forget your actual password, you can save your recovery key to your Microsoft account – to a file on your PC or print it in hard copy. If however, you are using another version of Windows where Bitlocker isn’t available, you can go for Veracrypt.

If all of this is too technical for you, don’t sweat. Third-party software(s) are made available to serve you in situations like this. They are made user-friendly to make sure they are easy to adjust to. For instance, USB Secure created by Newsoftwares.net can eliminate the threats emerging around you.

USB Secure:

If you just want something quick and easy, try using third party software. USB secure – newsoftwares.net/usb-secure/ as the name suggests let us protect external drives, SSD drives and USB drives. Beginners (if any) should start from here as it isn’t that complicated.

You can set a password to lock flash time and every time you connect USB disk, you would be required to enter that password. Moreover, you have the option to lock specific files and folders in USB disk drive.

Hence, portable drives are a thing of beauty that makes our lives a whole lot easier. Regardless, of what the conditions, are you simply cannot stop using them. In case of the threats, try using any of the above-mentioned solutions whichever fits best to your comfort.

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