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How Easy It Is To Find Social Worker Jobs In Melbourne

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A lot of consideration goes into choosing a career path and often times one of the major deciding factors is how easy it is to find a job in the work market. If ever the decision is to become a social worker then one need not worry about job opportunities.

Social work has been defined by the international federation of social workers as “an interrelated system of values, theory, and practice”. Social workers concern themselves with helping individuals and groups with ways they can better adapt to the society. The profession is based on accumulating specialized knowledge and certain skills.

Becoming a social worker has a lot of requirements which includes formal training, certifications, and licenses.

Even so, these requirements vary from country to country.

In Melbourne, the standard for a social worker is at least a bachelor in social work. A masters in any relevant doctoral degree also helps in advancing in this career.

Melbourne, being the capital of Victoria and one of the most populous cities in Australia, will necessitate the services of the social workers to help improve the social environment and wellbeing of the people. It was even projected that the growth rate of social workers would increase by 19% from 2012-2022.

From this statistics, it is obvious that it will be relatively easy to get into the social service field.

Regardless of this, there are several platforms that assist in the job seeking process.

Australian PR

These people basically act as liaison agents between recruiters and job seekers. Their services are mostly employed by people looking to move to any part of Australia. They help in getting jobs in different professions.

Job Recruitment Agencies

Their work is similar to that of the Australian PR. They also help connect those searching for jobs with employers by sending numerous notifications to members who have registered with them. They sometimes modify one’s resume in order to entice the interest of these employers. Recruitment agencies like clicks IT, Scott’s recruitment agency, TWE recruitment and many others make it even easier to get a job now than in the past 10 years.


The importance of networking is most times often overlooked. Networking can be in different ways. It could simply be meeting people and exchanging contacts after engaging in an enlightening chat or connecting with people on social media. Its no doubt that the latter is the trend as it may be tagged weird just engaging a stranger in a conversation if one does not have the tools for it. However, the job description of a social worker already involves reaching out to people which implies they can use social media and as well meet with people in real life.

They may even go as far as organizing a volunteer program to help them relate with those in need of problems. In the process of getting organizations and companies to participate in the program, a social worker may be offered employment.

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