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Hosted Email Archiving: Features and Advantages

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Email archiving services lower the pressure and workload on the IT department storage administrators. They help to streamline the tedious task of backing up emails and storing them securely. They also make an index of the emails for efficient searching in the future. Email archiving services can be both hosted email archiving and on site email archiving. In this article we are going to discuss hosted email archiving services available in the market for businesses both small and large sized.

Before selecting a hosted email archiving service, there are a few things that are to be taken in consideration. Things like types of services, costs and other variables are to be taken in consideration before coming to a conclusion.

What is Hosted Email Archiving?

Email archiving services can be both hosted and onsite. Hosted Email archiving is the online variant where all of your emails are backed up to a remote server where it is then indexed and stored for future access.This is better than onsite email archiving in more ways than not. It provides ease for the storage admins and generally provides more features than on site email archiving solutions.

Hosted Email Archiving services are provided by industry leaders in tech and cloud computing such as google and microsoft. Products such as Google Vault and Microsoft Exchange hosted archive are trustworthy and provide extra features like unlimited disk space and 24 hours support.

Advantages of Hosted Email Archiving

Hosted Email archiving has its own perks when it comes to ease of use and additional features. For example, Google Vault provides extra Google Drive features as a bonus and also archiving support for other G Suite features like

  • Google Groups,
  • Google Hangouts Meet and
  • for your organisation’s needs.

Similarly Microsoft Exchange hosted archive provides archiving for Microsoft Exchange Hosted Emails and hosted email message archiving solutions.

Apart from bonus features, email host also save your organisation from extra hassle like maintaining private servers. If you opt for on site email archiving solutions, you would have to invest in your own on site private servers where all of your emails will be backed up, indexed and stored for future use.

Keeping aside the initial investment for the servers, you would also need to maintain the server with cooling facilities and have appropriate network security features to save your important data from theft and hackers. This is possible to maintain in big organisation where you have a fully fledged IT department with employees that are network security experts. But for small to medium sized businesses, this is not a practical approach.

You should instead opt for cloud based email archiving solutions which charges a sum of money every month or every year according to your plan. The cloud email archiving provider would take care of the maintenance and security of the servers and thus your data will be protected from hackers and natural calamities.

Scaling is also an important step for businesses and while choosing an email archiving service, you should keep future scaling needs in mind. In case of on site email archiving services you will have to purchase new hardware if you run out of storage space or if you would like to have faster servers. This investment will keep recurring every few years and is not feasible for some businesses. There is also the hassle of shifting your data to the new servers and you can face corruption of data in case of any mistakes.

On site email archiving services can be scaled without any large initial investment. Your servers are maintained regularly and your data will be shifted to newer hardware regularly without any extra costs. You won’t have to worry about corrupting your data while shifting them from one server to another as all of it will be handled by expert professionals.

Disadvantages of Hosted Email Archiving

Hosted email archiving is a ‘hosted’ service not an offline service so it will require internet connectivity at all times for backing up and searching within the email index as it is all stored on the cloud. So in case of network outages and emergencies, the data won’t be backed up and you won’t be able to access the index to search for previously backed up emails.

Also, a majority of hosted email archiving providers charge according to number of users that they serve so for an organisation with a large number of employees, it’s a big chunk of money spent every month just for email backup services. This is not a disadvantage for small to medium sized businesses as they have less number of employees whose emails will have to be archived by the provider which translates to less costs.


Hosted Email Archiving solutions is a practical approach to email archiving for small to medium sized businesses who can’t afford to buy and maintain servers regularly. It is a safe and secure solution as all of your data is backed up to the cloud on industry grade secure connections so you won’t have to worry about your precious data to fall in the wrong hands. It may not be practical for large organisations with many number of employees and they should opt for on site email archiving solutions. Some of the best Hosted Email Archiving service providers are Microsoft and Google which provide both email hosting and archiving..

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