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Four effective ideas on how to win back your customers

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There are two factors that come into play that are essential for every business entity- the product and consumer. Many people have phenomenal concepts about products that could surely be attractive to people and don’t get it wrong, people always have an affinity to buy whatever suits their liking.

But it does not end there because businesses revolve around the dynamics of supply and demand. Businesses provide the supply of products and the customers provide the demand.

According to statistics, the typical American business- whether big or small- lose an average of 15% of customers each year. This is a typical figure for all businesses, whether a brick and mortar store or an entity providing IT consultant services.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that your customers also need the attention for them to be able to continue patronizing your products. After all, they are an important element of your business.

Here are four ways to win back your customers and ensure that they remain loyal customers.

Different strokes for different folks

Be sensitive to the profiles of your customers and be able to establish a professional relationship with them. But do take note that this is not a one-size fits-all scenario, because each one is unique. If you need to deal with your long-term customers, make sure they are afforded accordingly with the support they need.

For new customers, take an effort to try and reach out and make them feel welcome and appreciated for the business they provided you.

Going the extra mile

Customers nowadays have high expectations when it comes to customer service, thanks to evolving technologies that continue to create means to establish connections between the business and consumers.

Make sure to always be sensitive to customer’s needs and what else you can do to help provide exceptional customer service, whether you are a retailer or an IT support provider.

Always be honest and up front

It always pays to be upfront with customers, especially when you have set expectations. Do not make any attempt to hide anything that would affect your relationship with customers such as a late delivery or an order gone bad.

Reach out and make sure to explain and commit to an alternative solution to the problem. They’ll thank you for it.

Take the time to say a quick “hi”

It wouldn’t eat up a minute of your time to say greet a valued customer with a simple Hello via email of a quick “Have a wonderful day!” message to brighten up their day. It means that you value them as a loyal customer.

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