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    Fischer's emotional Eintracht farewell: “I love you”


    “Fight against Nazis” continues
    Fischer's emotional Eintracht farewell: “I love you”

    Eintracht Frankfurt's president Peter Fischer was celebrated as he left after almost 24 years. At the general meeting, businessman Mathias Beck was elected as his successor. Fischer leaves with big words and gigantic numbers.

    Peter Fischer's era as president of Eintracht Frankfurt has come to an end after almost 24 years. The 52-year-old businessman and former vice president Mathias Beck was elected as his successor at the general meeting of the Bundesliga football club with an overwhelming majority of the 1,887 voting members. Fischer was named honorary president.

    “It's hard to say bye-bye, goodbye, farewell. But I feel that it's time to stop. And that's the last sentence: I love you,” said Fischer in his farewell speech to around 2,200 members and guests, who celebrated him with long applause and a standing ovation. He emphasized: “Mathias Beck is the perfect successor.”

    His successor returned the favour for the words of praise. “Peter, you are a great man. I have always been a big fan of yours,” said Beck, who has been a supporter of the Hessian club since he was four years old: “Eintracht Frankfurt has always been my anchor in life. That is why today is a big day for me.”

    Fischer, a trained advertising salesman, had announced his retirement in May 2023 and drawn the conclusion from the cocaine affair, which he described as a “character assassination campaign” in which boundaries had been crossed. The public prosecutor's office had discontinued the investigations that had been initiated.

    After Fischer was first elected president in August 2000, he experienced, survived and mastered numerous ups and downs of the traditional Hessian club. During his time in office, he experienced relegation from the Bundesliga and a near-license withdrawal, but in recent years he also experienced great successes: winning the DFB Cup in 2018 and the Europa League in 2022.

    In addition to his sporting successes, he gained recognition and respect for his commitment to democratic values ​​and his stance against right-wing extremism. This uncompromising attitude, but also his ability to inspire people and especially Eintracht fans, have made him one of the best-known presidents in the Bundesliga. The increase from just under 4,700 to the current figure of around 139,000 members can be attributed in particular to him. As honorary president, Fischer wants to continue the “fight against Nazis and right-wing extremism”.

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