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    ESC star Isaak Guderian is attacked because of his body


    Isaak Guderian broke the German curse at the ESC final and reached twelfth place. Since then, the singer has been confronted with harsh comments on the Internet.

    Isaak Guderian actually had every reason to celebrate after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 11th: He came in twelfth place, the best German ESC placing in years. But alongside the congratulations, there was also hatred directed at the singer from Minden. “After the ESC, I was attacked on Instagram for being overweight,” he told the “Bild” newspaper.

    “The comments ranged from 'Don't you want to optimize yourself?' to insults like 'fat pig'. Of course, that's not something you like to read,” the musician explains. Fortunately, the hostility no longer affects him – he has “literally grown a thick skin” and is “at peace with his excess weight.”

    Even as a child, Isaak, who now weighs 130 kilograms, struggled with his figure. “But there were times when I weighed 145 kilograms. Back then, I often had food binges. I opened the fridge and shoveled everything that was in there into myself,” he told the paper. Today, the father of two tries to avoid such attacks as best as possible.

    But he is not thinking about losing weight, he loves cooking and eating too much for that. “I am good the way I am. That feels very liberating,” he explains. Instead of focusing on his weight, he prefers to focus on music. Isaak has just released his new single “Never the Same” and in November he will be going on his first solo tour with twelve concerts.

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