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    Ecoflow presents system for greater energy independence


    Complete package for the solar house
    Ecoflow presents system for greater energy independence

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    Anyone who wants to supply their own home with solar energy, store energy, heat it and charge their electric car should get a simple and affordable complete solution with Ecoflow's new home energy ecosystem. If the electricity generated is not enough, a cooperation with Tibber should help save costs.

    The number of homeowners looking for an energy solution that can efficiently supply all household appliances, including chargers for electric vehicles and heat pumps, with self-generated solar power is increasing rapidly. At the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, several companies are presenting corresponding complete solutions, one of which is the new Ecoflow home energy ecosystem.

    Its central component is a solar system with modular storage (PowerOcean), although there is a variant that can also supplement existing systems without the need for new inverters (PowerOcean DC Fit). There is an air-water heat pump (PowerHeat) and a smart heating element that uses excess energy to generate hot water. There is also a charger for electric cars (PowerPulse) and various smart components such as thermostats and sockets. With this wide range of products, the system should be adaptable to individual needs and preferences.

    PowerOcean Plus for optimal use of space

    There are three different versions of PowerOcean. There are three different versions of PowerOcean.

    There are three different versions of PowerOcean.

    (Photo: Ecoflow)

    PowerOcean Plus is completely new and offers a maximum alternating current (AC) output of 29.9 kilowatts (kW) and supports a battery capacity of up to 60 kilowatt hours (kWh). The storage system's integrated inverter can accommodate up to four PV strings and delivers a maximum PV output of 40 kW. According to Ecoflow, this makes it suitable for complex roof structures and should enable optimal use of the space. An integrated smart meter should reduce the time electricians need for installation by up to 40 percent.

    Each battery pack, made of long-life lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, features a fire protection module, an aluminum housing protected against dust and water to IP65, and a battery management system (BMS) designed to ensure optimal safety, fire resistance and mechanical resistance. Ecoflow offers a 15-year warranty on the PowerOcean LFP batteries and the app.

    Everything under control with energy monitor and app

    The Ecoflow app provides users with all the necessary information. The Ecoflow app provides users with all the necessary information.

    The Ecoflow app provides users with all the necessary information.

    (Photo: Ecoflow)

    To help users keep track of everything, there is an energy monitor (PowerInsight) and the Ecoflow web portal. These can be used to monitor consumption and optimize system performance, among other things.

    Users also have access to a comprehensive app that allows them to keep an eye on and manage all components. At Intersolar, Ecoflow presented additional functions of the application: Energy allocation is responsible for automating the system configuration of the solar storage system based on the energy conditions. The tariff forecast is intended to help purchase energy as cost-effectively as possible.

    Dynamic electricity tariffs with Tibber

    To this end, Ecoflow has entered into a cooperation with the Norwegian utility Tibber, which also offers electricity in Germany in real time at the current market price. By combining the PowerOcean series with the dynamic tariffs, users should be able to benefit from the sometimes highly fluctuating electricity prices by purchasing or consuming energy when it is cheapest.

    Further functions are to be added “soon”. This includes the “Smart Battery Plan”. It is designed to dynamically adapt to the forecast energy prices and solar production on a daily basis. With battery modes such as “self-consumption” and “yield”, users should be able to tailor their energy management to their needs. In addition, the app offers a monitoring and history function with real-time alerts and constant updates of the energy status to optimize electricity consumption around the clock.

    The products of the Ecoflow home energy ecosystem are already available in Germany, PowerOcean Plus can be ordered from October. Detailed offers can be obtained on the Ecoflow website.

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