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Download Garageband For Pc / Windows / 7 / 8 and XP

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Garageband is a software application developed by Apple, which allows users to create music and podcasts. It is currently available on iOS and OSX — an apple proprietary operating system that runs on Mac. However, using cross-platform emulators, you can run it on any platform, which includes windows. Although this Garageband App is not officially launched for computers, you can still go ahead and run it on your computers. You will discover the method in this article.


First, here’s how Garageband is different than most other software and applications

This tool has a wide range of features that includes: Ability to create and run multiple tracks with pre-made MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, an array of various instrumental effects, and voice recordings. So, for a user, it means the ability to handle, modify and create music by mixing and editing a piece of music, and the ability to learn instruments.

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Great! Once, you are in — let’s explore how you can get started and use GarageBand on PC.

We will explore this one in steps so that you don’t miss out on anything. You would d need an emulator. It essentially acts as a cross bridge platform helping you run an application which is created to run on a different system than yours.  We will take them as we go. So let’s jump to the steps now.  The process varies if you have a mac or other Operating systems, so be sure to only go through the process which is relevant to your operating system.

For Operating Systems Other than Mac (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux etc)

Step 1: Download and install emulator: Either you can opt for Andy or Bluestacks. The choice of emulator depends on a number of resources you have on your computer. Should you like a full-fledged power-play experience then go for Bluestacks. However, if your PC is resource intensive and you are fine with normal usage then go for Andy. In essence, both would work well for you.

Step 2: Open the emulator (Andy or Bluestacks), and complete the signup procedure. It would ask you for phone information, or access to Google account. Both of them are safe, however, you might want to log onto their respective websites and see how they use your and protect your information. It is important to make sure that you go through their terms of use so that you get the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

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Step 3: Open the emulator and go to its App store/Google play and search for GarageBand.

Step 4: Once you locate it, click on install. This would start the installation process. You would be able to see the status real-time on the source page (Google Play/App Store — whichever applicable).

Step 5: Once done, open the app on the emulator, and get set. Your Garageband for PC is ready, and you are all set to perform the wide set of editing and other stuff you wanted to do, but were deprived of it due to your device or operating system.

For Mac Users (Garageband for Mac)

Since this application is developed by apple, you won’t need an emulator to run this application. So the process is simpler for mac users.

Step 1: Go to your application box, and search for Garageband.

Step 2: Once you’ve located it, just hit the install button and you are all set. Now you can enjoy using the app on your Mac.

Now you can dive into the world of GarageBand and explore all the features. There are numerous help guides and videos to get you started — which can help you use this app like a pro and other garageband alternative as well. Moreover, apple community has numerous discussions threads over various things that you might run into — as and when you start using this app.

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