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    Dilara Kruse: “There are still many prejudices”


    While Kimmich, Rüdiger and co. are fighting for the European Championship trophy on the pitch, their wives are crossing their fingers in the stands. Dilara Kruse knows what it's like to be a partner in the world of football.

    The German national team put in a brilliant performance against Scotland at the start of the European Football Championship. But it wasn't just millions of football fans in the stadium and in front of their TV screens who were cheering for the 5:1 victory – the families of the DFB stars were also crossing their fingers. Some partners and wives had travelled to Munich to support their men.

    Dilara Kruse knows exactly what it's like to be the woman at the side of a football star. She has been together with former national player Max Kruse for four years and married for three years. Until he retired from professional football last year, she was a regular at the big stadiums. “Of course, I was always excited about Max's games,” she told t-online today, looking back.

    Being associated with a football star brings advantages: “I've always had good seats where you could see the game well, plus a few extras like free food and drink.” In addition, as a partner you have access to exclusive areas and events where you can meet the other football stars after the games.

    However, the partners are not allowed to be at their men's side 24/7 before and after the games. “There are areas and times when the players have to concentrate fully on the game and preparation, without distractions,” explains the 33-year-old.

    Relationships with football stars also have their downsides. Changing clubs usually means moving to a new city. “Moving when Max was still playing was annoying,” says Dilara Kruse. Partners also have to fight prejudices. “Many people have a rigid image of what a footballer's wife should be like. But I try not to let that influence me and go my own way.”

    And that's what she does. Dilara Kruse is now an influencer, with almost 95,000 internet users following her on Instagram. She also runs a YouTube channel with her husband and ventured into the television industry last year on “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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