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    Brown bob and bangs: Veronica Ferres surprises with new look


    Veronica Ferres is best known for her blonde hair. However, the actress has now undergone a change of style for a new role.

    She is one of Germany's most successful actresses. Since the 1990s at the latest, Veronica Ferres has been an integral part of the film industry. Every year, the now 59-year-old appears in at least one production. The actress usually wears the hairstyle she is known for: long, blonde hair, slightly wavy.

    But now Veronica Ferres surprised everyone on Instagram with a new look. On the social media platform, she shared two snapshots in which she shows her more than 125,000 followers her new hairstyle. You can see the second photo if you click to the right on the post. Veronica Ferres' hair is no longer long and blonde, but short and brown. The actress also now wears bangs.

    However, it quickly becomes clear that the hairstyle is only a temporary transformation. The 59-year-old wrote alongside the two pictures: “Filming starts today!” She then linked to the ZDF series “Mordschwestern”. She continued: “What an adventure! I am very happy to be part of this production. Be excited to see what role you will soon be able to see me in.”

    The press area of ​​the Mainz broadcaster provides further insights. Veronica Ferres will take on the role of “the awe-inspiring Dr. Astrid Brockhaus”, who “disturbs the order in the Flensburg police station”. Lena Dörrie and Caroline Hanke play the main roles in the crime series. The first season aired in 2022, followed by the second one year later. Veronica Ferres was not part of the series in the first episodes. But that now seems to be changing. Filming will continue until July 23rd.

    The transformation is well received by her fans, even if the actress was unrecognizable to many followers at first glance. “I had to look twice,” commented one user. “You could walk around town unrecognized like that,” said another.

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