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Best Sleeping Positions and mattress for people with different Back Pain conditions

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After a long day at work, we all want to sleep peacefully. But often back pain comes in the way, and we do not get enough rest. Back pain can get worse if your sleep position is not how it should have. Beds play a vital role here as well. You should maintain the natural curve of your spine while sleeping. You need to make sure your head, hip, and back are not under pressure while sleeping. Adjustable bed is perfect for people with back pain. Here are some sleeping positions for giving you relief from back pain.

Sleeping Positions for the different back pain condition

Lying on the back for general back pain:

For back pain lying on your back is the best solution. This position keeps your spine in a straight line that helps not to have pain. Place a pillow under your knee to provide extra support. It evenly distributes your weight on the spine and gives it relief from pain.

Sleep on your side for Spinal Stenosis:

We all love to sleep on our side. But there is a negative side to this. When we rest on our side, it puts uneven pressure on the spine. Correct this uneven pressure, and you will be more comfortable. Just put a pillow between your legs and evenly distribute the weight there. Thus the upper leg will raise naturally, and the alignment of your hips, spine, and pelvis will be restored.

Fetal position for Osteoarthritis:

Fetal position is good for people with osteoarthritis. This position is much good for stress relief as well. This position is done by sleeping on the side and curling up. Bring your knee closer to the chest that the spine is straight at the back. This position helps to reduce bending of the spine and opens up joints.

Sleeping on the front for Degenerative Disc disease:

Sleeping on the front body is considered the worst form of sleeping. But if you are a front sleeper, then it’s not controllable. So, place a pillow under your stomach and hip. It will help you to improve your hip alignment.

Reclined position for Isthmic Spondylolisthesis:

Sleeping on your back in a reclined position is suitable for isthmic Spondylolisthesis . You can get much relief by using a chair. If you are interested in trying it then an adjustable bed can be a good investment for you. People suffering from Isthmic spondylolisthesis will be benefited more in this position.

Which mattress to choose for people with back pain:

A mattress that is high quality, comfortable and most importantly supportive that should be selected for people with back pain. Twin foam mattress is such kind of mattress. The medium firm mattress is better for people with back pain.

That mattress which sinks too deep are not suitable for back pain. You should keep in mind while buying it. King memory foam mattress does not sink too much and gives your body full support.

People with back pain usually find most comfort in adjustable bed. So get an Adjustable bed frame queen. They are easy to find as well. After getting it, you will be amazed at how it gives the most support to your body. This bed is perfect for relaxing after a long day. You can switch different sleeping positions as per your comfort.

A softer mattress may look more comfortable, but it is not suitable for supporting your body. So if you are suffering from back pain do not go for extra soft mattresses.  It causes the twisting of joints and spine.


These are the tips you should follow while choosing your mattress if you suffer from back pain. You should change the mattress in every ten years for maintaining quality. If the tips stated above does not help you then see a doctor as soon as possible. Especially if you feel numbness in the leg, buttock and groin area with difficulty urinating, then you must see a doctor immediately.

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