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Best Android Phone Monitoring Software TheOneSpy Review

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onespypictureTheOneSpy is a high-tech tracking application that allows supervising the activities performed on an Android mobile phone and tablet. It comes preloaded with around 250 features to assist parents, spouses, and businesses to electronically monitor children, significant others, and employees. In addition to monitoring, this application allows controlling the Android phone without taking it in possession. The app can be subscribed for a set period of time against a reasonable package price.

How does Android Monitoring App Work?

The monitoring app can be downloaded and installed on the targeted Android phone and can later be operated through an online account accessible on any device. However, the employers are required to seek written permission from employees and parents are in need to take consent of adult children to supervise them using the monitoring app.

Features of Android Monitoring App

We have rounded up here the core features of the Android tracking software to get you a ride on it.

Monitor SMS, MMS, IM

The user can track all the SMS, MMS, Instant messages (IM), voice messages, group messages and thread conversations on the targeted Android mobile phone. All the incoming, outgoing, and even deleted messages can be read with a glimpse of phone number and name of the sender and receiver of those messages.

Phone Call and VoIP Logs

The phone calls received and made from the target Android phone can be listened, recorded and downloaded. The user can track the history of incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls as well as the call logs of WhatsApp, Viber, Line and other Instant Messaging apps offering calls. The phone number of the person who made the call or to whom the call was made can also be viewed.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracking feature allows the end-user to know the current GPS location of the target as well as previous locations. The user can also mark locations or areas to get alerted in case the target crosses boundaries. This feature is helpful to monitor the mobile workforce, and to know the whereabouts of underage children and old-age family members.

Internet Browsing History

The internet browsing history of all the browsers installed on an Android phone can be viewed and analyzed. The user-friendly statistics help end-users to know which website was visited on the targeted Android phone, when and for how many times. As well as internet browsing history, the bookmarks can also be viewed.

Social Media Monitoring

This mobile phone monitoring app allows the user to spy on the most popular and commonly used social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Yahoo, Tumblr, IMO, Vine, Tinder, Kik, Hangout, Telegram and a few others. The user can read the one-on-one and group messages sent and received through these apps.

The self-destructive messages of Snapchat and Telegram can also be read and stored with the help of screenshots. As the target starts using Snapchat, the app starts capturing screenshots with an interval of 3 seconds. It allows the user to not miss even a single Snapchat message. In addition to messages, the user can monitor photos, videos and multimedia files shared with individuals and groups; get the detail on newly added, deleted and blocked friends; monitor posts, statuses, likes, comments, and followers.

Emails and Keystroke Logging

All the inward and outward emails on Gmail can be read with the timestamp, and email addresses of sender and receiver. The spy app also offers keystroke logging providing the user with the username, password, email address, and messenger keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of Android device.

Record Surroundings

This is another cutting-edge feature of the spy app. The user can send a command to the target Android device to capture photos and record short videos of the surroundings. Also, the user can remotely control the microphone of the target device to listen and record the conversations and sounds hearable near the Android phone.

Unlock Photo Gallery

The photo and videos, whether captured by the phone camera, downloaded from the internet or received from other sources, can be viewed and downloaded. The music files, voice recording, and other multimedia files either deleted or hidden can be tracked.

View and Manage Phonebook

The name and phone number of the contacts saved in the target Android phone can be seen, downloaded. The user can even remotely manage the Phonebook adding or removing contacts. If a phone number is saved with a wrong name, the user can find the actual first and last name of that contact.

Remotely Phone Controller

There are many operations that an end-user can perform on the target phone without accessing it. The user can:

  • Lock and unlock mobile phone
  • Start or Pause apps
  • Block, unblock or uninstall apps
  • Block texting during driving
  • Block internet during driving
  • Block incoming calls from unknown numbers

Set Monitoring Preferences

This app allows the user to customize it setting monitoring preferences. The user can choose the required features and deselect those which are not in need. For instance, the employers who are only interested in internet browsing history and emails, they can prevent the app from monitoring the personal social media accounts of employees.


  • Some of its features require your target Android mobile phone to be rooted.
  • It does not allow you to set time limits for using an Android phone.
  • It does not block objectionable websites.


  • It is compatible with Android versions equal or above 2.3.
  • It supports all Android Mobile phone brands including Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, and others.
  • It does not support Lenovo, Xiaomi, Haier, Gfive, Redmi, Meizu and other mobile phone brands by Chinese manufacturers.


There are three packages to choose from i.e. Lite, Xlite, and Premier. The one-month subscription starts from $18 and goes up to $37 according to the package selected. The price of twelve-month subscription ranges from $140 to $197.


There are scores of Android monitoring applications but TheOneSpy is a reliable and feature-rich tracking app that worth your money. It facilitates both employers and parents to keep track of the doings of their concerning ones both in the digital and real-world.

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