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    Also sold at Netto: Manufacturer recalls kitchen helpers


    A manufacturer is recalling kitchen utensils due to increased levels of a carcinogenic substance. They were also sold at Netto.

    When cooking, you need all kinds of utensils – soup ladles, spatulas, wooden spoons, skimmers. Today, these kitchen utensils are often made of plastic. This makes them lighter and cheaper.

    However, such chemically produced plastics also pose a certain risk potential – because they can sometimes contain increased levels of substances that are harmful to health. This is what happened at the Dutch trading company EDCO Eindhoven BV.

    Product tests have revealed elevated levels of primary aromatic amines in some products. These can be hazardous to health, which is why further use of the affected items is not recommended. The products are various kitchen helpers from the “Alpina” brand that have been sold through various retail channels since January 2021 – including at Netto.

    These are all affected articles:

    Primary aromatic amines (PAA) are a group of chemical compounds that are used in the production of certain dyes. They are often used in nylon articles. Some of these substances are carcinogenic.

    Affected items can be returned to the respective points of sale and the purchase price will be refunded.

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