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In the digital marketing industry, SEO is thought to be one of the most important elements for content marketing which aims at increasing the traffic on your website and its overall presence in the search engines. It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO expert or a newbie who has just started to implement this strategy. It’s quite easy to ignore some underlying aspects of SEO. Before we proceed any further we at Digitrio would like to tell you that Google algorithms keep on evolving constantly. It keeps evolving the ranking factors, so it would be essential to stay up-to-date if you want to lead ahead of your competitors. Below, stated are 5 common SEO mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them.

1.  Using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques Instead Of “White Hat” Approach

First,let’s see the difference between the two, both approaches share a common goal of gaining more and more exposure, the way of executing it is different. Black Hat Seo be an easy way out of getting higher and quicker ranking results. Although it is very convenient, it’s not worth taking the risk of getting your website penalized or even banned by Google. Black Hat includes using unrelated keywords, automated content that has no value for your target audience, flooding the content with spam, adding gateway pages and presenting irrelevant content to the users different from what is shown to search engines. Whereas on the other hand, White Hat Seo focusses on developing quality content and organic linking. This includes using effective and relevant keywords, Meta descriptions, which show 1-2 sentences in the search engines, internal and relevant backlinks that will draw users to your website, create your own long-form and high-quality content which will increase your websites search engine ranking.

2.    Developing Low Quality and Thinning Content

As mentioned in the previous point long-form and original content is one of the major steps to gain higher search engine ranking. suppose if you are reading something online and don’t find the information given in that website or webpage doesn’t make any sense or has no value for you Will you still read it? This irrelevance of content will not only harm your SEO, but it will also pull your potential customers away from your brand. using low-quality content makes your website look unreliable and incredible.

3.      Ignoring User-Friendly Experience

Remember this that user experience goes hand in hand with SEO. It IA very necessary to provide a user-friendly interface that is quick, convenient, responsive and easy to use. In the digital market, everything counts, no one is going to wait if they encounter loading delays in your website. This will not only cause the users to abandon your site, but it will also impact your search engine ranking and revenue as well. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, with changing time everyone prefers to search for stuff on their mobile.

4.      Not Using the Power of Website Analytics

When you are implementing your SEO and content strategies, how will you know if your efforts are working or not? Website analytics has always been the prime of reflecting how your optimisation is performing and affecting your business. Numbers can play a huge factor and it’s crucial to get into the habit of reviewing your analytics daily to improve and thrive. Remember that it’s not just ranking your keywords. You also need to consider the following metrics:

Organic traffic – The number of users who land on your page through search engines when they search for something using keywords.

Bounce rate – This is based on how users interact with your website, as it tells you about the quality of your site, it should be engaging.

Click-through rate (CTR) – This mainly measures how many users click on your ads or links after seeing it.

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