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How 3d printing pen works?

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What is a 3D printing pen?

3D printing pen is an extrusion based device which functions as a handy 3D printer .It functions like a glue gun except for the fact  that instead of glue it emanates melted plastic filaments which can be drawn and molded into desired form to create 3DD structures It is very hassle free to use as it has almost no reliance on software or so complex logic making it accessible to everyone who is interested in creating 3D based art, models or prototypes .Now that we have a basic idea as to what a 3D printing pen is lets delve into the processes of its working .

how 3d pen works

How does a 3D printer work ?

Any 3D printing pens come with an electricity supply chord and generally it might be of an international make so there might be a need for you to check if they conform with the power points in your country as they might vary.

The next obvious step to be followed to is plugging it  in .Now as you have switched it on as it is running the raw material that would be used which in this case would be the thermos setting plastic is inserted .

The most commonly used Thermoplastics materials would be Polylactic Acid (PLA ) or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).These two types of plastics are used in this industry majorly because of the fact that they are for Eco- friendly with the former being a derivative of naturally occurring substances and the latter being recyclable .Other than that both these plastics are known to retain color well as  well as producing a sturdy structure that lasts longer .

Once you choose one of the fore mentioned materials you insert them into the 3D printing pen’s cartridge and then start the process of heating it .The process of heating might take a short while which could generally last for around 55 seconds to 2 minutes .

After ensuring that the whole filament is completely fed into the compartment , you can begin the process of drawing by slowly pressing the extrusion button or foot pedal .But , if you want to make sure that you have a good control over what you are doing foot pedals are often suggested a help to control the speed for longer periods of time but the extrusion button might work just fine as well

The material would start appearing in a matter of few seconds, but overall the process of heating and preparation is pretty quick. It is advised that you start almost immediately as soon as the pen heats up to the right temperature because plastic might melt quickly but it also cools down and hardens very fast and also apart form that the pen as such cools down quickly if left un attended for more than a couple of minutes.

As I mentioned previously in the introduction the working of the 3D printing pen is pretty much identical to that of a glue gun. From introducing the raw material filaments and heating process to the extrusion principle that they are based on they are very similar.

Various different nozzles are available for the consumers to choose form so that they can achieve the required Thickness and texture just like in the case of glue guns. The nozzles come in various shapes as well so that they artists/designers can create different ribbons and strokes of varying dimensions and shapes .

You can also choose form a range of pens with different pens based on your requirement and level of expertise ,this feature  makes it more convenient for the beginners to get more accustomed to the process .You might go for a pen with a much faster speed of emission as you get better at using the pen .

The foundation is the most important aspect of any construction being it a road or even in this case .Even though the whole purpose of using a 3D pen is to create art work in midair a solid foundation is necessary to ensure the stability of the structure .A solid base reinforces the design and makes it sturdy and rigid .This base prevents it from falling flat for a longer period of time in a way increasing the longevity .

Now the next major challenge you are to take care of is that the liquefied material solidifies as soon as it hits the air and acquires aa particular shape so you have to work rapidly which will only come form a lot of practice.

It is not very dangerous because fortunately thermoplastic has a tolerable temperature but it might cause 1st and 2nd degree burns if not handled with care  .Hence , it is required that the artists take a few cautionary measure for safety by preferably using insulating gloves etc. .Apart from that you also have to stay cautious of the burning hot nozzle .

Now that we have understood how it works it is not hard to comprehend  that with a certain amount of practice and a tinsy bit of caution you can master the art of using this 3D magic creating wand to bring work creativity to life  .

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