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Weather Apps That Would Never Let Your Wanderlust Unquenched

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With numerous advances in meteorology, weather apps provide accurate information to the users so that their trip plans are no way ruined by severe weather conditions or unexpected showers.

A right weather app will certainly help you plan your summer vacation so that you do not burn your skin underneath the blazing sun during the sunny weather or catch cold during the winter months, simply because you have not made any arrangements for protecting yourself. You may also be caught by precipitation and storm and that would create a total plunder to your schedule being planned.

Here is a list of apps that will never let your wanderlust unquenched:

  1. WeatherBug

This app is known for offering the fastest weather alerts to the users in order to offer real-time weather conditions to them. It produces lightning alerts, local temperature and pressure, wind chill, Doppler radar to feature precipitation, humidity, wind speed, pollen, UV index and more. You can better plan your day by using this app in order to track your real-time weather conditions.

  1. Weather Ultimate

It helps you fetch extreme weather alerts. It also allows users to save a variety of locations as per their personal choices and then view detailed regular weather forecast, high and low temperature, precipitation forecast and more. It supports geo-positioning and allows users to retrieve weather conditions for your present location.

  1. Weather Bomb

This app helps you geek out over graphs, maps and predictions. It offers easily digestible forecasts, summaries regarding weather forecast and more of meteorological wealth like weather maps and info that is represented over a scrollable timeline or a map. Users can set custom locations using this app and the app would display a variety of data overlays with wind direction arrows, clouds and more. It is an ad-supported app that offers an optional subscription for its users.

  1. Weather Whiskers

Weather Whiskers

It is an easily accessible weather forecast app that features kittens that are dressed for the current weather conditions. It feels awesome to have fun with bizarre kitty commentaries with this app.

  1. RadarScope

It works best for users who have been looking for an incredibly featured app that is powerfully packed up with fine tuning options and setting that could be customized in displaying velocity, reflectivity and more. This application is particularly aimed at weather enthusiasts and meteorologists. It also serves a detailed report to the users in order to alert them from a flash flood, tornadoes and thunderstorms.

  1. Weather Underground

It is a fantastic tool for most of the weather enthusiasts. It relies upon a network of amateur weather stations to avail the delivery of accurate weather forecasts. It also avails crowd reporting features that allow users to verify the reported forecasts. It offers a variety of information overlays to dictate a detailed weather map. It offers all the meteorological data in your notification tray to keep you updated.

  1. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

It is the latest addition to the Carrot family and it is more popular among users for presenting the weather reports in a more sarcastic and humorous way by using some amazing animations.

  1. Morecast Weather & Meteo Radar

This app sells itself with its intuitive interface that looks amazingly great. It offers an easy to use vertical list layout. Thus, it is also easy to interpret. Morecast will reveal the weather updates in just a few swipes. It presents a streamlined UI that is certainly good for beginners. It offers the best navigation features in order to assist you to plan your routes around the best weather.

  1. Weather Radar & Forecasts

This app receives the full marks from the users just because of its simplicity. It is surprisingly a good option for you if you are concerned with a clean interface with all basics like the five-day forecast, current conditions and radar data rather than whistles and bells.

  1. Klara Weather

It represents the weather forecast through simple and easy charts. It is certainly great for professionals and is known among the users for its clarity. It features temperature, cloud coverage, pressure, wind speed, humidity and more and this makes it popular among the common folk.

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