Home Health Spin bikes-What Makes them A panacea for seasonal laziness?

Spin bikes-What Makes them A panacea for seasonal laziness?

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Spinning Bikes are one of the most effective and efficient calorie burning instruments available in the market. Calories are burnt while walking or running, but exercising on a spin bike has proven to be more effective than both. It makes the whole body work at the same page, releasing calories that help in the slimming of tummy and thighs as well. Exercising on a spin bike has the added advantage of a cardiovascular workout either.


Let’s see what all are the advantages of exercising on a spin bike

Lose those extra pounds, spontaneously.

The most important benefit of exercising on a spin bike is its calorie-burning power. During each spin, a certain amount of calorie will be burnt out. As an approximate value, 500 calories of energy will be burnt for every 45minutes of excercising.500 calories is equal to the energy obtained from 4 slices of bacon! The above said is just an approximate value. The actual amount of calories burnt will depend upon the velocity and intensity of the exercise. The faster you exercise the more calories you will burn.

Building Muscles

Exercising on a spin bike helps in building a better muscle tone. The muscles which are loose due to the laziness will get tighter due to this exercise. While exercising on a spin bike, your muscles will be taking its inner strength, burning unwanted fat deposit and thereby developing rigid and strong muscle tissues. The muscle development will be mainly on buttons and thighs. These areas will develop muscles very slowly with ordinary exercising mechanisms.

ncreased Oxygen intake

The overall fuel for our body comes from oxygen. The larger the amount of oxygen intake, the energetic our brains will be. While exercising on a spin bike, the inhalation and exhalation increases, and a reasonable amount of oxygen rush into the lungs. This keeps the brain refreshed and will enhance the health of the heart too.

Lesser side effects

If walking or running exercises is done beyond a limit, the ligaments on the knees and other joints will develop a higher stress and that might create pain in the joints. But in the case of a spin bike, such negative impacts are very less as it doesn’t enforce strain on the joints .It’s an exercise which is easy to do, follow and continue.

Forget Injuries

While running or jogging, you will be running through the paths which might have pits or falls. There are chances to step on to a peel and to fall on the jogging path. Those who do regular exercise will certainly have a story of such an accident or injury. Since exercising on a spin bike is done inside a room, there are very fewer chances for injuries or pains.

Any time exercise

While running or jogging can be practiced outdoor only, the flow of the exercise will be hindered due to rain or unbearable heat. Exercising on a spin bike has got the advantage that it can be securely done, inside a room, whatever the seasons are. The frequency and flow of spinning completely depend on your interest to do the exercise.

Continual progress

While a spinning bike has adjustment and monitoring mechanisms, it is easy to monitor the progress of the exercise. You can make progress by increasing the tempo each day, or by increasing the velocity of the spin bike. A spinning bike gives a quantifiable progress value to keep you self-motivated.

No more stress

Exercise on a spinning bike allows you to do it while hearing your favorite song or while watching your favorite cooking show. When the oxygen intake increases, the mind gets relaxed by the impact of accelerated blood flow and adrenaline release. This exercise acts as a sudden solution for stress related issues. When the blood circulates fast during exercising on a spin bike, the brain gets more and more refreshed, taking more positive stimulus around.

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