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Hired Wedding Photographer Through UrbanClap – Here’s my Review.

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How does it work? The entire wedding photography thing? What do photographers do exactly to come up with those pictures that become a staple of a perfect memory etched onto your wedding album forever? If you’re a soon to be bride, you will be very curious about how this works, you do want to make sure your wedding goes through without a scratch right?

So, let’s understand what exactly it is that your wedding photographer is doing, and how:

The Expenses

Paying as much as you are, you’d like to know where exactly is all the cost going to, it can’t all be talent based. To understand that, you’ll have to consider what all your photographer will be bringing in with him/her as well as attending to. Most of their wedding gear costs higher than at least half of what you’re paying them. Include taxes, insurance, advertising, repair, shipping, and the total costs for the wedding photographer are quite high as well.

Editing to perfection

There are different ways in which they can get your picture to look as perfect as possible. With most of the work already carried out during the wedding day itself, the editing adds on the final touches only, but to perfect it even further. There are certain types of editing methods that are popularly practiced:

  • Shoot and burn, a simple enough technique, the process here accepts the photographer simply selecting the photo out of the camera, or through the raw converter, without balancing color or even adjusting the light.
  • Dutch angles and vignettes, twisting the angle, and smoothening out the color, this form of editing technique, popular in the 2000s, is portrayed as being pretty artistic.
  • VSCO/Matte flattens out the highlights and shadows off to portray a deeper sense of meaning into the picture.

The delivery

Considering how technology friendly the world has become, do expect the photos to arrive through similar forms. Including such formats, most photographers deliver the photos through the following mediums:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Thumb Drives
  • Digital download
  • Cloud hosting
  • Prints
  • Albums

Most photographers specify how they’ll deliver it beforehand, if not, make sure to discuss this.

Difference between candid and traditional photography

Most people generally understand the main difference; candid being shot during that moment itself, while traditional photography referring to photography that is staged and posed for. But what most people don’t understand is that beautiful pictures that look candid can be photographed through traditional means of posing. The difference is specifically in the level of trust between the couple and the candid wedding photographer. Considering how the pictures are taken based on the observations of the photographer, and what they deem important, the couple needs to be able to trust the artistic skill of the photographer in question.

Of course, this means that you’ll have to hire the best candid wedding photographers in bangalore, specifically because with the photographer having a good level of experience and talent in his hand can result in there being more trust.

Now that you’ve understood why you are charged a slightly higher number, how the best wedding photographers in bangalore edit their pictures, how they’ll be delivering it to you, as well the difference between a candid and a traditional photographer, you’ll be better suited to form a good relationship with your photographer. Something that will help you out in the long run with your wedding photographs being a perfect reflection of what you wanted.

Do let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below!

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