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Promise Day is celebrated on 11th of February. On this day people promise their special people to love and care for them forever(which usually never happened) and make them feel special and plan surprises. This post will be helping you to find the best promise day whatsapp status , promise day status, promise day status in hindi, promise day wallpaper, promise day quotes , promise day messages, promise day sms in hindi, promise day sms in marathi, promise day quotes messages, promise day status wallpaper, promise day 2016 status messages.

Happy Promise Day Status SMS Quotes Messages 2016


love is…being comfortable with each other. accepting one another. and always promising to be there <3

I know we are going to make it because no one else can make me feel the way you do. I promise you on this Promise Day

Losers make promises They often break Winners make commitments They always keep

If you can’t keep your word, then keep silent.

I swear to you on everything I’m and I dedicate to you all that I have and I promise you that I’ll stand right by your side forever and always until the day I die.

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Love is the happiness of today,And promise of tomorrow, so this warm note comes to you, to say that live life with a heart full of love. Happy Promise Day!

Speaking Without Egos,Loving Without Intentions,Caring Without Expectations,I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always. Happy Promise Day.

With every beat of my heart, I will love you more and more after years of togetherness. This is my solemn vow for you on this promise day!

Happy Promise Day Wallpaper And SMS


Wada Karte Hain Dosti Nibhayenge
Koshish Yahi Rahegi Tujhe Na Satyaenge
Zarurat Pade Toh Dil Se Pukarana
Mar Bhi Rahe Honge To Mohlat Lekar Aayenge!!

Tum Udas Udas Se Lagte Ho,
Koi Tarkib Batao Manane Ki,
Promise Hai Tumse Main Jindgi Girvi Rakh Sakta Hu,
Tum Kimat Batao Muskurane Ki.

Âll Ï wanted was sm1 to Care 4 me
Âll Ï wanted was sm1 who’d be there 4 me
Âll Ï ever wanted was sm1 who’d be True
Âll Ï ever wanted was sm1 like U
H@ppY promise d@y

We Have So Much More
Than I Ever Thought We Would,
I Love You More
Than I Ever Thought I Could.
I Promise To Give You
All I Have To Give,
I’ll Do Anything For You
As Long As I Live.

Promise Me We R True lover
I’m Lamp, U’r Light.
I’m Coke, U’r Sprite.
I’m (Sawan)Rain, U’r Badal.
I’m Normal, U’r Pagal.

Happy Promise Day Quotes And Messages


But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,and miles to go before I sleep………….

I promise to still find you attractive when you’re bloated from the Valentine’s Day meal and candy I buy you………………..

Never make a decision when you are angry and never make a promise when you’re happy………..

If you made a promise KEEP IT, If you have love CHERISH IT. If you said you would call DO IT, If someone confided in you RESPECT IT.If you did wrong APOLOGIZE FOR IT, If you want trust EARN IT……………

Difference Between PROMISES And MEMORIES PROMISE: We Break Them MEMORIES: They Break Us

If you really someone, you will never make any promise because you know how it feels when someone broke a promise.

Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them …

Promises are like the full moonif they are not kept at once they diminish day by day.

I promise to still find you attractive when youre bloated from the Valentines Day meal and candy I

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