The increasing trends of Cloud based video meeting

Cloud based video meeting

Calling a meeting is much easier and productive when done through cloud based apps than the traditional system of connecting where far flung staff members and distance of the telecommuters are more than enough to make things complicated.

All you have to do is answer a simple question, which is upon whom you will spend money!? You have the options of spending your money over a telepresence suite having a five figure price tag which needs a IT guy to run or spend over a top notch coffee service! In precise, whatsapp status having quality equipment is always a good idea but blowing money over a system that is incapable of drawing distant personnel or any kinds of flexibility is a liability so a scalable and flexible investment over quality hardware is a depreciable expense.

IDC reports that some major dealers such as Huawei, Polycom and Cisco though offered cross platform, cloud based solutions, device connectivity and low cost solutions, at the end saw a dent in their bottom line. Hence we can conclude that 2014 was not at all a banner year for the big video conferencing hardware companies.

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In 2013 ZDNet reported that Cisco spotted this trend but the evil boundaries of inflexible and entrenched institutional cultures caused it to slow down as a result of which it could not move fast as expected. Back in 2013 Cisco projected to cover 19 trillion hours of video meetings or 7.7 zetta bytes of global cloud usage within 2017 but however it seems that the project plan bus is missed. We can say it surely that Cisco missed the bus because upstart companies like Blue Jeans Network have left it far behind by offering cost effective cloud services. Blue Jeans Network is now a known name for its high quality video meeting service.

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In Cloud based video meeting, Today more and more companies are leaning to cloud services because it offers greater scalability and portability along with reduced expenditure. Simply this is a change of generation and these are just some of the evolutions. As we have seen market shifts of desktop and laptop to Smartphone and tablet similarly this is the time of cloud based conference. Recently Forbes made a survey whose results reflect lights on improving integration and collaboration in between departments, need of sharing data across applications and innovating products and services.

Cloud based apps has opened up user’s ability to work. We can see that leading companies have plunged in with a will. As for an example, instead of a lump sum rate, Adobe’s Creative Suite is now available in monthly subscriptions and other companies like Microsoft has also taken similar paths with its own Office suite.

Ask yourself what you actually want from a meeting app! In terms of preventing miss management, disorganization and staff disengagement; boosting engagement is very vital. The more experienced and old a worker is the more chances of disconnection from the working environment and there are various reasons behind this.

However looking into the matter in order to solve this disengagement problem is not an easy task! You have to handle the situation carefully and intelligently because providing tools to connect with other coworkers or phone calls, text messages,status and emails does not always solve the problem. There are times when a video chat will also be incapable of solving an issue. Nothing is better than giving workers face time in order to develop an office networking relationships which is always the best solution ever. Video meetings can increase collaboration and worker co-operation in any projects. Moreover if you are the manager then you won’t have to hear the same old voice of your old and experienced workers all the time because everyone will be given chance.

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