Best xBox Steering Wheel 2016 – Reviewed By Expert Gamers

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Unless you are a die-hard fanatic of racing games, you might have never heard of the racing simulations. Or for that matter, the Xbox steering wheel that is compatible to your Xbox or for any other platform or console of your choice. So, you are one amongst those people that would simply like to take your racing games to a next level, then it is pretty important for you to get the Xbox steering wheel. If you are planning to purchase one, then it becomes pretty important that you select something that works pretty well with your relevant system. Due to the huge number of steering wheels saturating the market, you need to be aware about all the confusing terminologies and the different kinds of products that you would encounter on the market.

In the year 2016, gaming is not a niche market, but rather a mainstream market that makes for a lot of money. So, you need the perfect gaming rig, and your Xbox steering wheel is a very important component of it.

We have mentioned some of the most trustworthy brands that are in line for being the Best xbox steering wheel that you can get your hands on for a generous sum of money.

Some of the best Xbox steering wheels in the year of 2016: –

So, with the current influx of Xbox steering wheels in the market, let’s have a look at some of the best sellers, and leave you to make a good decision and an educated choice on your purchase.

#1 Logitech G920 driving force: –


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Logitech has been at par with some of the best hardware makers in the gaming industry, and its G920 driving force steering wheel is one of the best in the market. It has been able to provide full support to the personal computer, PS3, as well as the PS for systems. It was out of the way to provide you with good quality driving, and is among the most elite classic steering wheels that is to be found in the market.

The steering wheel in itself is extremely classy, and also maintains a certain amount of flash in the right places. However, for the people that are playing this for the first time, it can be a tad bit confusing. However, as time progresses, you would get used to it, and this would be your goal to racing simulation device. In terms of the pricing, the entire set, which accompanies the shifter, comes to about $ 400.

However, if you need not purchase the shifter, then it comes to $350. The pricing may seem to be a tad bit on the higher side, but looking at the quality of the product, this is definitely justifiable.

#2 Thrust Master VG Ferrari: –


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Featuring the iconic model brand Ferrari, the thrust master VG is definitely a product that is suitable for all your Xbox needs. Designed to be compatible with the Xbox one, this is by far one of the cheaper steering wheels that you can find in the market.

Comparing them to the behemoths of the industry, the $90 price tag is something that may seem to be an oxymoron for a quality like Ferrari. However, the steering wheel is one of the best when it comes to build quality, and it can surpass all your expectations of a traditional racing simulation device. It has the perfect design features that are expected of a Ferrari, and although there are a few issues like the absence of extra options, you would find that the overall construction is pretty solid.

One primary disadvantage would be that it has a plastic feel about it, but when you remember the price tag, you realize that it is perfectly justifiable.

#3 Mad Catz Wireless force: 


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Notably, one of the best products in the market from the stables of Mad Catz, the wireless force is definitely the best when it comes to third-party peripherals in the gaming arena. It happens to be a favorite amongst the people that play games like Street fighter and Tekken.

So, what is the beauty that is inherent in this particular steering wheel? Well, the USP of this product is the fact that it is wireless. It has all the traditional build and looks that is notable for Mad Catz, and combines it with excellent handling and the ease of use. When you make use of this attachment to play games like GTA V, you will certainly realize the true potential of your driving skills in the game. It becomes pretty hard to do so with a console.

There are a lot of things to be said about the Mad Catz wireless force, and the best amongst them would be the pedals, although it feels like made out of cheap quality. However, it is pretty responsive. Another bad feature about the wireless steering wheel is that it needs a power outlet to run it, so although it may be under $ 300; it still seems to be a tad bit pricier.

#4 Thrust master TX racing wheel Ferrari: 


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Aptly named after the racing giant, the TX racing will Ferrari 458 Italian edition by thrust master is amongst the best in the market. It comes with a limited leather addition, and as you would expect it, it has the iconic gaming features of Ferrari in the steering wheel itself. It looks minimalistic, and does not have any over the pop elements. It is the perfect support attachment to Xbox one and the PC. The construction seems to be pretty solid, and you would be able to witness a premium feel that is to be normally found in the leather addition.

However, you also have to keep in mind that the non-leather version comes for $ 300 while the leather addition costs $470, which is $170 more in order to get the premium feel. The performance of this steering wheel is at par with some of the best that you can find in the market.

It performed invariably well for games like GTA V, Forza motorsport and a lot more. It has a wonderful feedback as well as vibration so that you would be able to feel all the elements of the game. It is pretty responsive and smooth, and in short, the steering wheel will be able to take everything which will be thrown at it. There is absolutely no point in nitpicking this wonderful product as there is nothing worth looking at.

#5 HORI racing wheel one: 


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HORI racing wheel one is perhaps one of the best budget oriented racing wheels that you can find in the market. Certified to be used on the Xbox one by Microsoft, a price tag of $ 80 is definitely something that can make it enticing. Although, it comes with an all plastic construction, the kind of response that you get with this product is definitely something to be noted.

This is an absolute no frills steering wheel that you would love, particularly if you happen to be purchasing the gaming rigs on a budget. For many, this may seem to be a bomb or as the racing will does not support any kind of force feedback or vibration.

However, this is better suited for the people that have grown up playing arcade games where there was no absolute need for force feedback. A primary disadvantage of this product is the force feedback, apart from which the mounting system would also need to be making use of suction cups in order to get it to stick on any surface. That could be a letdown for many that are looking at a premium steering wheel at low cost.

#6 Thrust master VG TX racing wheel (leather edition): 


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Last but not the least, you have the thrust master VG TX racing wheel. For many people wondering about this product, you can rest assured that it is one of the best that you have ever laid your hands on. The leather edition is of a premium variety, and in looks, it would be equal to any product in the market. However, good looks are not the only plus point of this product, you have excellent feedback and wonderful premium quality leather that can make it one of the most important steering wheels in the market. Basically, it comes in two variants, the one with the leather and the one without it.

Unlike its competition, the Logitech G920, this product supports the PC as well as the Xbox one. This makes it a veritable product that can be used for most of your console gaming needs. The steering wheel also prides itself with a substantial amount of force feedback, and it is definitely going to be a welcome change from the cheaper variants in the market. Well, is there anything which is lacking in this thrust master VG TX racing wheel? Well, unless you are a hard-core gamer, there is absolutely nothing for you to nitpick about.

However, the pedals that can be found in the steering the does not have the ability to be inverted; moreover, since it is made out of plastic, it becomes quite uncomfortable with gaming for a long time.

Conclusion :-

Compared to the earlier days of gaming, this third-party peripheral market for gaming accessories have definitely been making inroads into the gaming community. Previously, it was only about purchasing peripherals from the console manufacturing unit like Microsoft and Sony. Nowadays, most of the third-party companies bring amazing stuff to the market, and that in fact is testimony to the fact that it is a growing market that runs into millions of dollars on an annual basis.

So, if you are in the market trying out a new steering wheel in order to turn yourself into a hard-core gamer, then the above-mentioned choices would be more than enough for you to splurge your money on and quench your thirst for gaming. Simply living on gaming on your console and the keyboard can seem to be lackluster after a certain time frame, so getting the racing wheel would add a new dimension to your gaming experience and make it more realistic.

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