AIPMT Answer Key For Unofficial And Official With Codes And Details

AIPMT stands for All India Pre Medical Test which has finished and different private institutions are published the answer keys for the exam. The key can be released on May 1 by the coaching institutions and educational institutions can be the unofficial type of answer keys. The students can refer to this answer keys to predict their exam score. The May 1 released answer keys are released unofficially. The official answer keys released on May 24. The students can get it on May 26. Till the AIPMT official keys


AIPMT Answer Key – Code And Details

The private institutions not release answer keys for the online exams, this can be the complicated for private institutions. However, the AIPMT is the offline exam, the answer keys are properly released for every year. The answer keys are released on the online based on the paper sets and paper codes.

Code For AIPMT Answer Key:

The board can prepare the 4 set of the question papers for the AIPMT exam to avoid irregularities at the time of exam. The different code and set are allotted for each paper set of papers of the AIPMT exam. The previous and present year codes are available for the alphabets displayed given

  • 2016 Year – A, B, C, D or W, X, Y, Z or  P, Q, R, S
  • 2015 Year – E, F, G, H-1st exam, A, B, C, D- Retest
  • 2014 Year – P, Q, R, S
  • 2013 Year – W, X, Y, Z – NEET
  • 2012 Year – A, B, C, D
  • 2011 Year – A, B, C, D

The above given code not present in the specific order, this cannot predict for upcoming exams. The students can download the answer key for the above given code only.

Simple Procedure To Download The AIPMT Answer Key

Downloading the answer keys for the AIPMT exam is not the complicated process. The separate link will be available to download the answer keys officially and unofficially.  The first set of answer keys released on the May 1. The students can use those keys to predict your score.

Evaluation And Usage Of Score Through AIPMT  Answer Key

The students can use the aipmt answer key to predict their scores before the result of the AIPMT exam. The students can check the score in the exam in the perfect format. The students can give four marks for the correct answers and reduce one mark for the wrong answers. The students can calculate the score for the exam out of total 720 marks. The students can add the calculated mark in the AIPMT rank predictor tool to calculate the AIR. The AIR is predicted means the students can get the clear idea which college offered to the admission.

AIPMT Answer Key – Unofficial And Official

  1. Unofficial Aipmt Answer Key:

The coaching institutions and private educational institutions release the unofficial answer keys for the AIPMT exam. This type of key is released after the few hours of the exam completion. The official keys released on May 1. The candidates can use the unofficial keys to predict their score.

  1. Official Aipmt Answer Key:

Official AIPMT Answer Keys can be released on May 24, the students can utilize these keys on May 26. The board cannot email or post it for the candidates. The AIPMT answer keys are help to perfectly predict the answers to the questions. After calculating your score, put the score in the AIPMT rank predictor tools that will help to find the rank range of the candidate before the AIPMT exam result can be released.

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